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June 15, 2004


scheduled: Ol' CatDog and the Sea

  • Cat Gone Bad
  • Hi ho diggety news! Welcome to the new generation of new CatDog leaders! Visit the brand new The Amazing CatDogman FORUM! At last a place for fans to commune that will be active! Hosted by Melissa! Best of luck on your new forum Melissa and I hope you get lots of members! Hope you like the banner I made for you.

    Well it took longer than expected but been having net troubles, and other obbligations, the list is now definatly closed. I hope that someone will take my place and give CatDog fans a nice place to go and discuss the wackyness of Nearburg. Best of luck to all CatDog fans and I thank you all that I've met and contributed on the list over the years.

    Any fans out there, that have a place to go for catdog and would like it advertised here, just email me and let me know, and I will put a link up here for it. CatDog needs your support.

    Dr. CatDog says thanks for the letters and questions! Issue #5 is ready, for your pleasure and comfort.

  • The Doctor is IN,
  • Click to read 5th issue

  • Special activities here:

    It's never too late for Easter.......eggs! In the tradition of DVD Easter eggs I thought it would be clever to add hidden colorful eggs to hatch all over my site. Since I have some trivial knowledge of CatDog and behind the scenes, thanks to crew I've met, and all sorts of different CatDog collectables such as all the books, I thought it would be fun to hide some small pieces of CatDog trivia that not the usual fan knows. I will keep you up to date with how many eggs are on the site. Currently there are 6 eggs. They aren't hard to find at all, could be just some random phrase linked, or a picture linked, anywhere on the site. Best of luck finding them. and enjoy breakfast!

    I am Cat meow!
    UR Cat! Terrific! You enjoy the finer things and
    relax with a good book and classical polka!
    You're an independent thinker and very smart.
    With a strong mind you make a good leader with
    fabulous ambitions. You are organized and can
    be a bit of a perfectionist striving for the
    best in life. You tend to be a bit reserved,
    because you dont always go with the crowd. You
    rarely accept one opinion without considering
    more reasons first. You are passionate and
    stand up for what you believe often. You are
    highly emotional and willing to go that extra
    mile for romance with your loved one. You love
    compassionately always there ready to help and
    offer your wisdom and advice. Like a feline,
    you only purr for those worthy of your
    attention, and only when you feel like it,
    desiring alone time to contemplate ideas and
    relax in peace. Meow.

    Are you Cat or Dog, on CatDog?
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    Which Greaser member are you, from CatDog?

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    email me at:meowwoofy@yahoo.com

    Taste the
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  • Oh come now, you didn't think I'd make it that easy to find did you? Keep diggin' you'll find it. ;-)