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CatDog Captions Contest

Thank you very much Ryan, Erin, Mike T, and White Tiger, Alixio, Janie and Sema for participating. It was a very tough descision, you all did a tuuurrific and smashing job! Looking forward to seeing you guys compete again in future contests.

CONGRATULATIONS JANIE AND SEMA! I decided for the first time, to call it a tie! The 2 best captions here in my opinion, are picture one done by Janie and picture 2 done by Sema. Both are very original and cool. Well done you 2! Also well done to Janie for coming up with best caption for #5, and Sema for #3. Therefore it's a tie.

  • And congratulations to 1st runnerup Alixio for coming up with the best caption for #4!
  • picture 1

  • WINNER!- "Dog: Oooh... CAT! Wake up!
  • Remember, when you said that you'd only be friends
  • with Winslow when pigs fly?!...." -Janie
  • Dog: (wakes up from slumber and dazzedly notices Mervis floating in the air) "Hey Mervis,(yawns) I didn't know u could fly,and why r u wearing that cape? (eyes widen) (in a kinda worried,screaming voice)Cat, Cat! I think Mervis is a vampire again,and he wants to suck my blood! (gasps deeply) CAT!" Cat doesn't hear a word since he's in a deep sleep.
  • Mervis: "Wait,Dog,I'm not a vampire,i'm just hear to give u a message."
  • Dog:" Oh......ok. heh-heh,"(chuckles at himself for thinking he was a vampire) -WT

    Dog: Wow, Mervis. I didn't know you could fly.

  • Mervis: Yeah. I got this magic cape at the Useless Mart. - Ryan

    Dog: Are you an angel??? Mervis: No. i'm breaching every copyright law ever put out by Charles Dickens Inc. -Alixio

    dog:no,i don't think there holding audtions for a superpig movie,mervis. mervis:hey,a pig can dream,can he? - Erin

  • picture 2
  • WINNER! -Winslow Mouse Army: "Wir Haben Sie KitzenHund!!
  • Überreichen Sie den Käse, oder sonst schlagen wir Sie mit Würstchen!"
  • (in english: We've got you CatDog! Hand over the cheese
  • or else we'll beat you with hotdogs!") - Sema
  • Army Mice: (chant 'cheese' repeatedly as they march) Winslow:"Ah....The power of CHEESE!" (Then he laughs as he sits on a throne in the background.)- WT

    "Apparently, a gene-clustering in the Smurf cloning experiment has gone horribly wrong.... oh, crap." - Janie

  • picture 3
  • WINNER! Cat: Look! I Found Jesus! See his Halo? I knew he was always with me! -Sema
  • Annoucer in background: "Who wants to go to Hawaii?" (Everybody in the crowd screams, "Ohh,me,me!"

  • Cat:(holds Dog's hand up and speaks in Dog's voice) "I do, I do!"
  • Annoucer in background: "Hey how 'bout u?" (points at Special Ed sitting in the front row.)
  • Special Ed:(He thinks for a min. then he shacks his head up and down)
  • Cat: "Whaaaaaaaaaatt?" (says in a sad voice)
  • Annoucer in background: Well come on up here,and get your ticket."
  • Special Ed: (walks up,and takes ticket from the announcer.) "Yaaaaayyyyyy,I 'm going to Hawaii,Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!"
  • Cat:(wines as he hits the floor with his fists) "No,no,no!"
  • Dog:"(quiet the whole time and taking a liking to Special Ed's words,he repeats them)"Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy,I'm going to Hawaii,Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!"
  • (Then audience joins in) "Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy,I'm going to Hawaii,yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!"
  • "Come on Cat,join in."
  • Cat:(he scowls at Dog then drags him out the back door of the stage)
  • (all the meanwhile the crowd continues,and Special Ed sits there with a big grin on his face) -White Tiger

    "Dog-- no, it's only ONE middle finger you hold up for *that*..." -Janie

    Cat: Put your hand down, Dog. We don't want to volenteer as the two-headed creature of the month. - Ryan

    Cat: DOG! You're supposed to blend in with the tree. Stretch your arms out like this. No NO NO! that's all wrong! BE the tree, dog! BE the TREE!!!!!!! You don't look anything like a tree!!!!!

  • Dog: That's because i'm not a tree, i'm a Dog!!!
  • Cat: Fine then! Off you go! Miss out on seeing Mayor Rancid sunbaking nude!!! your loss! - Alixio

  • picture 4
  • WINNER! Rancid: Ah, Cat. Who's that blonde beauty you're with? Is she taken?
  • Cat: Of course not! that's just Dog with a dolop of aerosole cheese on his head!
  • but you can have him if you want! -Alixio
  • Rancid: "I'm not wearing any pants!" -Sema

    "I'm just going to say, I am NOT having relations with the secretary! Cruel, immoral mutiny to the throne that is mayor of Nearburg, that only a true idiot would...... Psst. Hey, lad, tell Rosie-- er, I mean, my secretary to call me tonight." - Janie

    Rancid: Psssst. Hey Cat. Ah hehe, mabey you can be mayor now. These new glasses are kind of turning away the crowd, so i'm gonna skip town if you know what i'm saying.

  • Cat: I knew you'd finally come around sometime Rancid. Finally, a position of power around here! - Mike T

    Rancid Rabbit: My underwear is way too tight but don't tell anyone. Cat: Maybe you should go with boxers. - Ryan

  • picture 5
  • WINNER! "Duhhh... hey... I told youse that I'm not interested!!!" - Janie
  • Lube: "Your Not really the cable guys are you?" -Sema

    (Lube's singing with his beautiful singing voice,when CatDog pop their heads through the shower head)

  • CatDog:(simutaneously say 'Duh' many times from confusion and embarrassment from the hot mist and form Lube being there)
  • (Out of all the surprisement,Lube manages only to say one thing)
  • Lube:" duuuuhh....r u mocking my copyrighted catch-phrase? - WT

    #1: Lube: Uh, while you're here can you scrub my back?

  • #2: Wow, uh, CatDog person. How did you get stuck in there? -both by Ryan

    Lube: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh. Water sure is made duuuuuuuh funny lookin' these duuuuuuuuuu... days hehe. - Alixio