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OH NO LOOK OUT YOU'VE BEEN EGGED! Tsk tsk you should have had your CatDog candy ready for the trick or treaters! Ah well, no matter even though your a total mess if you notice you did get egged by the special CatDog's First Fan Site Halloween Easter Egg so congratulations and here's a towel to wipe off.

"Ghosts, goblins, candy corn, pumpkins, and JOKES! Impress your trick or treating buddies with tons of CatDog Halloween jokes, riddles, and silly puns! These jokes will surely do the trick and they're such a treat!"

Hi Ho diggety fans! this Trick or Egg is a few jokes exactly as they are written in the very rare, actually probably the rarest CatDog book out there "Halloween Joke Book" by David Lewman. Everything in quotes is exactly from the book, anything not in quotes is just my silly jibber jabber and add ins to things. The previous quoted paragraph is what is written on the very back of the book. Hope you guys enjoy the black and orange egg. Warning some of these jokes are quite corny but nevertheless if you don't have this book then now you have the priviledge of knowing a little something that is inside this book. So dig in and Happy Halloween!

"Why did Cat get mad at Dog for carving pumpkins?

  • Cause he was making faces behind his back"

    "On Halloween why did Winslow send the Greasers to CatDog?

  • He wanted to give CatDog the creeps"

    "Mr. Sunshine: What did the ghost buy for his stereo?"

  • "Cat: A new set of shreikers" (Shriek gives them a funny look at that last one)

    "If CatDog were mummies where would they live?

  • in a pair-amid."

    "If Winslow were a mummy where would he live?

  • In a sneer-amid."

    "What would Cat and Dog be if they were like Dracula?

  • a vam-pair"

    "What would Dog be if he were a vampire?

  • a bloodhound"

    "What does Cat say on Halloween?

  • Trick or trout!"

    "What does Dog say on Halloween?

  • Trick or meat!"

    "What do you call a hot dog on October 31st?" (Kristen's birthday lunch heheh oops no actually it's:)

  • "A Halloweenie."

    "Cliff: What did the witch turn Sir Lancelot into?"

  • Shriek: "A newt in shining armor."

    "Cat: Why did the witch go to the doctor?

  • Dog: She stubbed her toad."

    "Where do great Werewolves end up?

  • The great howl of fame." (guess that's where Dog goes during his full moon phase. ;-)

    (and some puuuurrrfect for the Halloween eggfest!:)

    "Eddie the Squirrel: What do you get when you cross a chicken and an alien?

  • Mervis: An EGGstraterrestrial."

    "Why did the skeleton dye eggs?

  • He wanted to be the Easter Boney" "What did he put his eggs in?
  • His Easter Casket."

    (Well there ya go, it's not every single joke in the book, but it's a good many. The book consists of 48 pages with adorable images to go along with it. There's over 90 of these silly jokes in there. Well hope you enjoyed your eggstra special trick or treat.)


    tsk tsk Don't you ever listen? Oh well since you're here, you stumbled apon a bonus Halloween eggy. These 2 what seem extremely menacing images animated here is actually a lot more innocent. Though I must say bravo on the effects this scene had. This is taken from one of the episodes never before seen in the USA "Vexed of Kin". Cat is simply burrying a hole for something not someone, so no he's not burrying his sleeping brother even though it indeed looks that way. He's burrying thier parent's car. No they aren't in it. lol A very creepy scene but not the case at all. I love gags like this! Bravo Peter bravo!
    "Yeesssss mommy and daddy's little favorite." -Cat