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More to come, like closeups of the sections, so if you want to bookmark this egg that's fine. What is going on is my main computer is acting up so I only managed to upload this one picture.

Ok eggy ones! Looks like you found another Eastery egg! This egg contains my collection of CatDog items. I finally gathered everything together and took a biiiig picture! Enjoy the insanity of my obsession. Later when I get some time I'll make a list of everything that is pictured here, and then another list of other CatDog items I know that exist out there. It'll be like a CatDog merchandise checklist. Enjoy the Eggy! Did you have any idea that this much CatDog items existed? I sure as heck didn't until I kept running across one thing after another on eBay.

  • My CatDog collection, minus autographs and pictures, that's in another picture I need to upload first.