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the name

4th Issue


name = crystal angela

where = indiana  

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...


Help me Dog, I'm so in love with you!  What should I do??  You are just so cute... especially your voice, it is just the cutest thing in the world!  If I scratch you under your chin and kiss you on your nose and stare deeply into your eyes will you give me a little woof and breathe sweet nothings into my ear?  I could die a happy girl if I could hear you whisper into my brain all of the nothingness that swims around in your head!

*kiss kiss*

I love you too, Cat, so don't feel left out :)

 Dog: Awww heh heh.  (Blushes a lot)  Umm Cat what does she mean by sweet nothings?  I always hear that but how can sweet be nothing?

  Cat:  (sulking, pretending to ignore Dog) Humph!  

  Dog:  Aww Cat, sheís a fan of you too, but what are sweet nothings.  How can nothings be sweet? 

  Cat:  Itís just a saying a Dog, a phrase that means to say sweet romantic words to someone.  Like, roses are red violets are blue, my palms are sweaty so either I have tuberculosis or Iím in love with you.

  Dog: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I get it now! (Blushes more brighter now) I donít know what to say, Iím not used to this attention.

  Cat: Puhlease!  Everyone loves you it can get downright sickening.  Both Ingrid twins wanted to talk to you but ignored me.  (pout)

  Dog:  No Cat, Ingrid liked you too.   And what about Lorraine? And all sorts of other fans weíve heard from that find you handsome?

  Cat:  I guess so.   

  Dog:  See?  Youíre wowie kaboodles too!  Now lets get back to Crystal.  Your words are really pretty.  (Blushes again)

 Cat:  A natural poet!  Very lovely and deep writing.  Do you write stories in your spare time Crystal?  You certainly should!  Your creativity, and emotional writing will make excellent stories.  You could write about what kind of date you would want with Dog.  Fantasies are fun like that.  Plus it helps prepare you for when that special fellow comes into your life someday.    If you have a crush on Dog, then the ideal guy for you is someone friendly and outgoing, athletic and energetic, loyal and sweet.    Never settle for what you donít want.  Iím sure a gal with such romantic words can woo a very friendly Dog-like guy.   

 Dog:  Hi ho diggety!  I think so too!  Enjoy writing about me Crystal my little sweet tasty piece of pork from 1997 moldy aged to perfection yuuummy!  Howís that for sweet nothings Cat?

  Cat:  Yuck, uh wellÖvery Dog-like.  (rolls eyes)

 Dog:  Awe Cat, heh heh heh now youíre making me blush.  Heh heh heeeeh

 Cat: (sighs, mutters dogs under breath) Next question. 

name = christopher smith

where = somewhere in the pacific ocean

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof... i'm stranded in the middle of the pacifc ocean. I'm from Los Angeles, and my family is stuck in this island without any other people, HELLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!


 Dog:  Wowie kaboodles!  Is it a traffic island?  Wow when we got stranded on a traffic island Cat almost ate me it was just horrible!

  Cat:  Well hey!  You almost ate me too you know! 

  Dog: Oh yeah I guess I did.  We both were very gone.    We need to send a rescue party to Christopher! 

  Cat:  Absolutely!   Never fear CatDog is here!   Though hereís a thought, if you got Internet access then alert a rescue plane or ship.   Theyíll pick you up in no time whatsoever! 

  Dog:  No time?  Thatís not even a second Cat, donít lie like that and get his hopes up.   Itís going to take more time than no time. 

  Cat: Argh!  Itís an expression again Dog, it means soon.  Dog sometimes I just donít know about you!

  Dog:  Sure you do Cat you know plenty about me, like I know all sorts of things about you, like how you were in love with Tahlulah and sent yourself a very steamy love note to yourself saying it was from her, with lots of nothing sweets andÖ.

  Cat: DOG!!! Be quiet donít say things like that!  Heís kidding honestly he is. 

  Dog: No Iím not I have the letter right here want me to read it?

  Cat: (quickly grabs the letter and crumples it up, and eats it) rrrrnexxtt  wquestionwwrrr!

name = bowser

where = san bruno, ca ( near san fransico )

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...I want to be RICH!!! but I can't, help

me!!!!!! and if you do, can I have your money???


Cat:  Mm money!  How I loooove money!  I donít blame you lets sing the money song and dream ď When you've got money what else do you need?  Who needs friends? Just give me GREED!   I love the way it smells, I love the way it sounds, I love the bucks, the marks, the yens, the francs, and the pounds! I love moneyÖĒMm somedayÖsomeday I will be rich no matter what it takes.

Dog:  Cat!  Stop that!  Now you know very well thereís more to life than riches!  Thereís your family your friends!  Shame on you! You are setting a bad example!  Bowser, donít listen to my brother money doesnít buy happiness, butÖ

 Cat:  But it can make your sadness very comfortable swimming in a pool of milk and eating caviar like thereís no tomorrow...

 Dog:  Cat!  Be quiet!  Youíre ramblings and daydreams arenít helping our friend.  So take a lesson from me then.

Cat:  But, giving advice is my..

Dog puts a piece of scotch tape over Catís mouth

Dog:  Ok now, what I was trying to get across sure itís important to have money to survive, itís not necessary to be the richest on the block.   Sure itís nice to be wealthy, but not at the cost of your niceness.  Itís not right to steal, or stomp on whom you can to get to the top.  People that do that are not kind, and someday will be sorry because who will trust them?   Sometimes the richest person is poor in the heart because of all the people they hurt to get there.   Having goals of success is fine, but not if the hill to success is dishonest.  Also make sure whatever career you choose you like.  You donít want to be stuck in a job you hate, no matter how much money you make.  Sure, it may sound fine now, but when you get there, doing something you hate to do but having all the money you can bathe in is not going to bring you closer to happiness.    Youíll find more peace investing more in your loved ones, hobbies and life in general than the stock market. 

Cat rips the tape off his mouth

Cat: YOWCH!  Ok, I guess Dog is right.  Money is not the most important thing in life.   But Dog wait a second you missed something.  Money is important for survival.  Everything costs money, food, shelter, clothing, etc.  So Bowser, money is important for that.  Saving is good for these goals.  Make sure to get into a healthy habit of saving money.  Treat yourself once in a while but donít go overboard.   

Dog:  Itís the greed.  Donít let yourself become a greedy monster.  Thatís not good.    Too much greed will make you lose the nice person inside.  Donít let that happen to you.  When Cat lets out that greedy monster sometimes, he becomes a totally different cat.  Like a few minutes ago.  He started daydreaming about money; his greedy side took over, and clouded his judgment of helping you until I snapped him out of it. 

Cat:  Dog your right.  Iím sorry Bowser, greed is one of my weaknesses. 

Dog:  Itís alright Cat.    Thanks for writing Bowser. 

name = someone out there........

where = Atlanta, Georgia



Dog: beneath the pale moonlightÖAwe I love that song from American Tail.  It gives me goose bumps!   We donít have a Playstation 2 yet, still just the first one, but I asked Cat to get it for my birthday so hopefully he will!

  Cat:  Oh right, like I want to watch you rot what little brain you have playing video games one is good enough!

  Dog:  But Cat, I think Playstation 2 is also a DVD player too.  And then you could finally play your ďCatsĒ dvd you got for a present one time.

  Cat:   They are?  Well in that case weíll have to get a Playstation 2 and fast!  Next question.

  name = Falco Lombardi

where = CA

comments = Dr. MeowWoof... have you seen the new movie "Finding Nemo"???

( I did, it was great. )




Cat: (Licking chops, thinking of the movie previews alone) They do like quite delectable I must say. 

  Dog:  We havenít seen Finding Nemo yet but want to see it very soon, because it looks very good.    Thanks for recommending it Falco!  Weíll see it soon then. 

name = Gori

where = San Francisco, Califorinia

comments = I AM NOT JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  name = Gori Unio

where = Califorina ( San Francisco )



  name = Gori Unio

where = San Fran. CA



Dog: Wowie kaboodles.  I canít think of anything else.   If this is not a joke I will surely hope for the best for Gori.  I just hope it is a joke, way too much tragedy out there.

  Cat:   Me too.   Thanks for writing back, and we believe you, after all we are just cute cartoon characters.    Itís a shame that these new diseases are sprouting up all over the world.  Just take care of yourself the both of you, listen to your doctor and hope all turns out well.  I wish we could say more but not sure what to say.  Be careful out there.

name = Amber

where = Toronto, Ontario



Dog:  (sadly sighs) Yes it does hurt sometimes.  I donít get it all the time.

  Cat: We are happy for the fans we do have.  Weíd love to be as popular as other cartoon pals, but who knows maybe someday our day will come.  Things havenít been all that bad, we have a very nice home and enjoy the friends and fans we do have.  We appreciate the fan support and no matter the critics, we take comfort in knowing that we have many adoring fans all over the globe.   True fans that like us is better than a slew of people just liking us because weíre popular and thatís it.   Popularity isnít everything.  So sure maybe we didnít get the media support we deserved, but Iíd rather eat moldy meat than have our cartoon changed to satisfy a more media friendly conventional crowd.    Thatís not what we are all about.  We are about breaking the molds!  Daring to be different and more realistic emotionally.   Some people have a hard time accepting our type of cartoon. 

  Dog:  They judge us too quickly without looking deeper.  Iím a very simple lovable dog, that doesnít understand that all the time.

  Cat:  Everything no matter how popular has its share of critics anyways.  Canít please everyone unfortunately.  I could go into a big speech but I think Iíll just leave it at this.  Thanks for writing Amber and keep watching. 

name = Spongebobby

where = Atlanta, Georgia



Dog: Spongebob is a good friend of ours!  And people always say I sound like him for some reason.  I donít know why I donít think I do.  (Starts mimicking Spongebob and sounding 100 percent authentic for obvious reasons) ďIíM READY IíM READY!   KRABBY PATTY!Ē  See I donít sound anything like him.

  Cat: (just looks at Dog) Umm Dog?

  Dog: Yeah? (still sounding like SB)

  Cat: Err never mind, next question.   Hoo hoo hooooo!  (like Tigger)

name = Mysty

where = Sanford, MI

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...

  I'm twelve and constantly under label as "the one who knows everything" or "Miss-silent, never talks but writes instead." If a class and I at in a room and the class was asked who could answer it, they would pick me.

If I make one mistake, almost everyone sort-of silently gasps. I'm not perfect. How can I make them see that?

Cat: Mm the perils of brilliance.  A burden I share as wellÖ(said in Catís typical proud way)

  Dog: (makes a raspberry sound)

  Cat:  Knock it off!   First, thereís nothing wrong with having your thoughts and opinions trusted.  Itís a wonderful experience.  Yes, I understand itís tough, to be labeled and maybe you feel a little embarrassed when people take notice to the times you donít have the answers.   Feeling embarrassed is completely understandable.  This has happened to me before too.  A few not a whole lot of times, Iíve felt embarrassed not having the right answer...

  Dog:  heh heh heee a few times?  I think itís happened to you a lot more than a few Cat! Heh heh heh.

Cat:  WellÖnow errÖno matter the number; I donít always have the answers to everything.  Shoosh Dog! 

  Dog:  Just messing with ya!  (Pats Catís frustrated head) I remember a few students like that when we went to school; they got good grades and seemed to know all the answers.   To me they always seemed perfect in the smarts department.   Perhaps they felt like Mysty.  What do you think Cat?

  Cat:  I think itís probable.   A nice thought to consider Mysty, your parents and teachers are encouraging you.   I understand the pressure it can create, but they want you to have the confidence in yourself and your brain.  Take it as complimentary.  People recognize your given talents, and compliment you by thinking you have the answers.   While it may seem overwhelming at times, itís for your own good.  Think about it this way, what if nobody took notice to your accomplishments at all.  Would you feel better ignored completely?  Probably not, you might feel worse.  Try to realize that your friends, family and teachers are doing what they can to encourage you.    No one is perfect, and Iím sure that they realize that youíre not perfect too.  They just want you to recognize your potential and do your best.  So I say enjoy it, enjoy the knowledge that other people recognize your brilliance.  

  Dog:  If you feel frustrated, talk to someone about it.  Speak your mind, and tell them how you are feeling like you told us.  They will gladly help you out.     When people get surprised just say something like wowie kaboodles I donít have all the answers but thanks for thinking I do that means youíll vote for me for class presy right?  Joke around about it.   Say something silly and cute like that.   Be a charming a pup like me. Heh heee

  Cat:  As you get older and classes become more involved youíll meet more people that hold many powerful brain waves too.  They wonít always have the answers to some questions either.  When you donít have an answer they probably wonít, and when you do have the answer 5 others will as well.  It all varies from one subject to another where you excel in English and writing others may not, but may excel in math and science.    So donít worry, itís all part of learning.

  But, to answer your question can you get people to realize you donít have all the answers, well thatís a tough one.  Like I said earlier some people the teachers, your family, friends etc, do realize that you arenít perfect just like all of us, but donít want to discourage you.  As for less wise individuals those people that donít know you only see what they see, may never be convinced, or are just simply saying first thoughts that come to mind.  Think about others, for example your family doctor.  Of course your doctorís smart, of course he knows a lot about his practice but every now and then he may become stumped by a patient's questions.  Perhaps he has to consult his medical books, or talk to another doctor friend about it.   So the reaction of the patient is shock, oh my goodness my own doctor is unsure?  Whatís wrong?   Well simply put he or she is human.   Does that make he or she a bad doctor?  No, of course not.   Just for some reason the doctor couldnít answer the patientís question at that particular moment.   So just think how frustrating people have it in actual professions where they are ďexpectedĒ to know it all in his or her field.  

  Dog:  I think what Cat and I are trying to say, is relax a little.  Donít worry too much what everyone is thinking, take your recognition as a smart person as a compliment, and next time you donít know the answer right away, realize by these examples and as you get older that everyone faces these feelings from time to time.  Try not to be embarrassed about it.  Itís difficult, but take comfort that we all go through it in our expert areas.  I know a ton about ďMean Bob in Outer Space moviesĒ, but not every single detail by heart. 

  Cat:  Thanks for the question Mysty, hope weíve helped some.  Have a great time back to school this fall!

name = Larry

where = Maine

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...I broke up with my girlfriend last month, and i wan't her back again now, but she refuses. How can I get her back now????


Cat:   Aw líamour.  Itís such a tough twisting roller coaster of emotion.   

  Dog:  Poor Larry is there anything we can do? 

  Cat:  Many factors must be considered here.   What was the reason for the break up in the first place?  If you broke up with her, are you sure that itís worth trying to mend?  It depends on how you both feel in your heart about one another and how the relationship was working in the first place.  Gaining back your relationship with her probably wonít be easy, but its possible.  Will it work thatís a game of chance, Dog and I canít 100 percent tell you that if you buy her roses and request songs on the radio that youíll win her back.  Romantic attention doesnít hurt, but donít do it so often that you get accused of stalking.  Hereís what is probably going on in her head at the moment.   Since you said you broke up with her, sheís hurt.  So sheís having difficulty trusting you right now.  When couples break up it feels awful, an emotion that people dread to go through again especially with the same person.    Sheís probably afraid to get back together for fear that you will hurt her again.  If feasible you need to gain her trust back.   This could take a extensive time depending on her personality, how long you were together, how deep the relationship, and what she does now.    What you also have to reflect on is yourself.  Is trying again really what you want to do?  What do you miss about she?  Many relationship levels exist.   Like Infatuation; you donít exactly know the person, you just have fun and enjoy how that person makes you feel.   Then thereís the deeper level where itís not just physical feelings but emotional as well, you know her favorite color, you know her deepest fear as a child, and vice versa with you.     So if the reason you want her back is guaranteed dates weekends and less lonely, more physical reasons like that, then chances are thatís not a good reason to get back together.  However, if the reasons are deeper, you miss the friendship you had with her, those long hours talking to her, and how much you guys had in common; then maybe getting together again is acceptable.  Relationships, whether significant others, siblings, friends, etc. take time and patience to work.  No relationship is perfect.  Take for example Dog and I, we donít always get along but our love for each other as siblings keeps us together and forces us to work together no matter what the disagreement.

  Dog:  Thatís right Cat!  We donít always agree on everything, but thatís what doesnít matter, how hard we try to cooperate and understand one another is what matters.    Itís my opinion not jump back in right away, think about it for a while first.   In our last issue we got a question that was similar to this one about relationships, it might help to read that one too.  The question was from Mamba, and that person was suffering from a broken heart too.

  Cat:  Speaking of Mamba, we told Mamba missing something you become accustomed to, makes it difficult to let go.  Thatís where time plays a big role.  The more time passes the easier things will be to let go.  If itís possible find a way to talk to her, see if itís promising to work things out again someday.   Apologize to her very sincerely for hurting her.  Make sure that she knows that you didnít mean it; you made a mistake in judgment.  Best of luck to you Larry, but remember give her some time, and give yourself time.  Make sure getting together is the right thing to do for the both of you.

  name = To whom it may concern

where = Houston , Texas



Dog:  What does he mean Cat? 

  Cat: Iím not sure.  We live in Nearburg, but if we didnít live here it would be nice to live in Parisburg .

 Dog:  Or Hawaiiburg. 

  Cat: Mmm paradise!    (Pinches self) OUCH!   That felt very real to me!  (pinches Dog)

  Dog: Owweee!   The pain is real.  Just like us! 

 (Suddenly a scary eraser and pencil comes by and erases Dogís nose then replaces it with a baseball, w hich falls to the ground.)

  Dog:  BALL!  Iím gonna get ya!  (Pounces all over trying to catch baseball)

  Cat: Dog! DOG!  Stop it!  Whatís wrong with you?

(pencil, draws a tasty white fish chub on a plate for Cat to eat)

Cat: YUMMY!  White fish chub! 

  (script change, CatDog forgets what question was about and then moves to next question, Dogís nose magically goes back to normal and they are ready to give more advice.)

name = Tori

where = Canada

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...Can you help me beat Super Mario Sunshine for me?


Dog:  Havenít played that before, Iím still stuck on the Mean Bob game I have, darn it.  Iím still stuck on the level where you have to fly up not jump but I keep jumping instead of flying and itís very difficult.   Have you looked online for sites about Super Mario Sunshine?  Fans write up hints all the time for popular video games.    Iíll get out my trusty laptop and see if I can find a site for you that might possibly helpÖ

Hereís a site that might be a good place to look.  Read the cheats and hints there, of all sorts of games you like.   Check the ďwalkthroughĒ areas.  If youíre not sure what that means, briefly its fans writing up detail descriptions of what players should do on each game level of a game.    This site is good place to start:

  Other sites like this offer game hints.  If you donít find what youíre looking for, do a web search for Super Mario cheats and hints.  Good luck! 

name = GILDER

where = WASH. D.C

comments = Is this website for young children?


Cat: Itís for all ages.  Itís here to entertain and inform CatDog fans no matter what the age.    As such it exercises the importance of making sure that the site is family friendly.  Thanks for the question. 

name = Shar Hromada

where = Bainbridge, N.Y.

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...




Dog:  Sorry it might be best to ask your trusted vet these kinds of questions.  However, I can do a little web search see if I can direct you to some sites about hairballs.  Actually Cat, didnít we have a question similar to this?

  Cat:  Yes we did and these questions are icky reminders.  I just hate hairballs.  They are no fun.  They drain my energy.

  Dog:  Thatís why you need that gel-like stuff to lick off your paws it helps and you know it no matter how strange it feels.   Lets see hereÖok one thing you have to be careful of when buying hairball formulas is the sugar.  Too much sugar is bad health wise for the kitty you donít want your cat getting unhealthy from too many sugars.   Cats of course vary too.  I mean Iím now looking at these cat owner opinions at this ďEpinionsĒ site for Pounce Treats.  It looks like the views are more positive than negative.   You can check this out here:

  Hope that helps you some. Remember to make sure to talk to your vet about such questions too.  Also you can visit many sites that offer helpful pet tips and forums to talk to other pet owners and experts.   Scroll down and try the sites I offered to Tiffany in the very next question.

name = Tiffany

where = arizona

comments = I'm 12 years old , and my dog throws after 4 hours of eating regular healthy dog food. And she keeps on biting me and bites other people. She chocks on a leash and likes to eat barbequees. But she keeps on throwing up on it. So could please help me with this problem?

From ,

  Tiffamy Carter , 12

Scottsdale , AZ


Cat:  It sounds like your pup could use a trip to vet.  Talk to your parents about it, and make an appointment for your dog.  In the meantime, try to keep your dog away from foods that make her sick.    All pets vary with what their stomachs can handle.  Dog here, of course can eat all sorts of food and not be phased at all.  But some dogs have a very sensitive stomach and must be monitored a little better.  Again your petís vet will help answer this question a little better for you.  Also visit pet sites, go to forums where expert pet advice can be given to you to help out as well.  Here are some sites that might help you get started:

  Try them and if they donít help keep searching.  They should be pretty good though.  Be aware that while I was searching some of the pet advice sites have a fee to join, and some are free.    Just in case you would be worried about that.  Tiffany and Shar I hope these links help you.   Thanks for writing.

  name = Jake

where = New York City


comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...I'm lost find me!!!!!!!!


Dog: Hmm it says you from New York City. 

  (CatDog look at one another and remember what they heard on the news.)

  Dog:  Jake, we hope very much that you are ok after that big black out.    We wish you and your loved ones the best.    We have some friends in NYC right now that we hope are doing ok.  

  Cat:  Hopefully everything worked out fine.  Weíd love to hear from you again, just so that we know you survived the black out.   So if you want to, write back, and tell us how you handled the situation.   Thanks for writing and be safe!

name = Katelyn

where = GA

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...I lost at a singing tournament.


Dog: Aww Katelyn itís ok.  Everything will be all right.  Did you get nervous?  Donít let this get 
you down other singing opportunities will come along.  Cat can tell you some of things weíve 
tried out for and didnít make, but then we tried out again another time and did fine.  Right Cat?

Cat:  You got it Dog.  Opportunities for other singing competitions will come around again.  
Do you take voice lessons?  That might help your confidence a little better, because an 
instructor can tell you how to train for it what warm up exercises you can do to make your 
voice a much better instrument than now.  The more practice you do for your voice the better 
youíll become.   


Dog: A standing ovation for having the guts to stand up and try out for something in front of 

(Cat and Dog both stand and applaud)


Dog:  Some people get stage fright and donít have the strength and braveness to do 
something like try out for a singing competition. You should feel proud that you could do that 
in the first place.  This kind of bravery will take you far in life.  It will help you in facing other 
situations, like standing up in front of your class to give an oral report.  Thatís like standing on 


Cat:   We say donít give up, and try not to let yourself get down from this experience.  Learn 
from it.  Think about the possibilities of why you didnít make it this time.  Did you forget the 
words?  Were you prepared enough?  Many factors could be the reason, itís up to you to 
figure out what they are and improve from them.  So say you did forget a phrase in the song, 
next time memorize and practice the song a little more than you did for this competition.  If that
 was the case, then thereís a possible solution for you next time.  So figure out what you did 
wrong.  Or, well maybe you didnít do anything wrong.  Maybe all of the people that tried out 
were very good like you, and it was hard to choose.  Just keep trying.  Keep trying out.  Donít 
be afraid of your mistakes learn from them.  We are all far from perfect, and no matter how 
good we are at something there is always room for improvement.  Think about your singing 
role models.  These singers were turned down at times too.  They just didnít give up, and kept 
at it.  Thatís what you have to do.  Stay strong Katelyn and break a leg at your next 

name = mark

where = colorado

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...My pet died last weekend and I can't 

seem to replace him.
 (He was a Cat.) And was soooooo young.  I feel 

depressed or something cause i have been 
with him all my life , could you help me.


Dog:  Poor Mark I feel bad, itís awful to lose a pet. 

  Cat:  Yes grieving is an excruciating emotion, very intense.   It helps to get your mind off of the loss for a while.  Go out and see a funny movie, or read a good book.  Do things that make you happy, while mourning the loss of your pet.  Spend lots of time with your loved ones.  Let them help make you feel better by talking and doing fun things with them. You will always have your memories, and the pain will lessen with time.   Death while sad is also happy in a way too.   You love your cat so much; feel the comfort of knowing your cat will never experience pain, sickness, uncomfortable hairballs, and smelly dogs chasing him.  Your cat rests in peace and tranquility now.  

When you are ready I suggest adopting another pet to love, because having at least one pet in your home can promote a very relaxing and loving atmosphere.  Dog and I have had pets that passed away, but eventually we got new ones to make new and happy memories just like the pets that died.    So take this time, and mourn gather your pictures and memories of your pet and cherish them, but donít feel awkward about adopting a new pet to create new memories.

  Do g:  Remember, adopting another pet gives a lovable dog, cat, bird, mouse, etc, someone to love.  Just think of all the poor animals at your local animal shelter with no home.   Donít think of it as replacing your pet that passed away, but opening your heart to a little cutie that deserves your love and kindness.    The benefits of letting a new little pal in your heart outweigh never having a pet again.  Mervis told us about this pet turtle he had as a kid, that passed away and his parents wouldnít let him get a new pet for a while, but somehow he convinced his parents and brought home a very cute hamster.  This helped him feel a lot better.

  Cat:  I remember that.  His happiness increased as he loved and took care of his new hamster.  Allow yourself some time but consider getting a new pet if you can.  If anything stands in your way of getting a new pet like parents refusing, no pets allowed where you live currently, etc, donít despair someday youíll be able. 

  Dog:  Consider alternatives too.  Adopt a pet online like for example.  I know itís not the same as a real pet, but itís a fun past time and feels like having your own.   That might lessen the pain.  Also take some time to visit sites that deal with the loss of pets as well.  Perhaps they could offer you better advice start here:

Cat:  Hmm, thatís an interesting idea.   I agree with Dog, virtual pets have come a long way.  We offer you sincere sympathy for you loss, and hope that you feel better soon.    


where = Luling, TX

comments = Why don't you guys have a radio show or have your own radio station?


Dog:  Hi ho diggety!  That would be so cool wouldnít it Cat?

  Cat:  Yes it would Dog.   Iíve always dreamed of having my own classical polka station.

  Dog: Yuck!  If we did a radio show weíd play rock ní roll and monster truck sounds!  

  Cat:  Classical polka!

  Dog: Monster truck sounds!

  Cat: Classical polka!

  Dog: Rock ní roll music to play with monster trucks!

  (Bickering goes on for a while till they get tired and out of breath)

  Cat:  Phew.  Now I forget the question.  Let me read it again.  (reads it) Oh yes now I remember!  They think we should have our own radio station. 

  Dog:  ROCK ĎN ROLL!  HI HO DIGGETY RADIO!  With plenty of monster truck rallies and music!

  Cat: My radio station will have nothing but the finer things.  Classical polka, how to cook white fish c hub, and the opera top 10.

  Dog: Zzzzz no way Cat!  Thatís so boring!  Rock music and monster trucks and subs!

  C at:  CHUB!

  Dog: SUB!

  Cat: CHUB!

  Dog: SUB!

  (Once again CatDog is fighting again and cloud of fight smoke is drawn all around them.  A little blue guy peeps out of his hole in the wall to see what all the commotion is about and sees that CatDog is doing the whole advice thing again, but that they totally lost control.  Winslow looks at the questions, and sees they were on the last one.  And so Winslow lets CatDog argue it out, and throws sugar and flour on them in hopes they make a nice batch of delicious CatDog candy. )


Winslow:  Heh heh!  Well looks like Dr. fumblers are at it again.  What a couple of nuts!   (whispers so that CatDog donít hear him) Hey patients if you want some real advice write to me Dr Winslow at yoir seoirvice!  Replace help Dr Catbutt with Help oh wise Winslow!   Cause CatDogs nuts!   Heh heh!

  See you next time, and take care!  (waves)

3rd Issue

name = mamba

where = tn

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...i love him a lot, and i'm depressed

without him...i want him back and i don't know how to let go

Dog: Awe poor Mamba, that's a major bummer.  

 Cat:   A broken heart takes time to heal.    Find constructive ways to channel your emotions.  Write a poem, or a story, draw a picture, play some music, or go for a walk, play some volleyball, baseball, swimming, whatever interests you, and makes you feel happy and confident.  Engage in fun activities, go to a movie with friends, get a new outfit, relax watch some television or read a good book. 

  Dog:  Friends, and family will help you through.  Talk to them whenever you feel down, don't be afraid to talk out how you feel with someone you trust.   Losing a best friend, or boyfriend, girl friend, isn't always easy but my brother and I assure you that it gets easier.   Yes it'll hurt for some time you have to expect that its normal.  Don't give up on dating, you'll find another special someone someday, but pace yourself for now.  Donít get involved with another person until youíre sure that itís right.   Just have confidence in yourself, and someone else will like you too.     Give yourself a big a hug like me.  (hugs self all smiley and cutely)

  Cat:    Yes a good idea.    Sometimes in the process of getting over someone it helps to think of reasons why the relationship didn't work in the first place.   A lot of times you'll find calling it quits was probably for the best for both.    Learn from the experience, and use this to help you in deciding your next significant other.   What is it you liked about this person?  What didn't you like?   Whether this was a mutual breakup, or not, you are better off.  Think about it.   Ask yourself this question; do you want to date someone that doesnít share romantic interest as you do in him?  

Dog:  Thatís unfair to you.    Never settle for someone that doesnít treat you the way you should be treated.  

  Cat: Exactly.   Right now a mixture of feelings is stirring around.     You were used to his presence and a certain routine.    You reach a comfort level and security that you are unsure you'll ever gain again.   As we go through life we try on new experiences, people, etc, which fit and later donít anymore.  

Dog:  Cheer up mamba! Never fear you will find another boyfriend again.  Just take it one day at a time, and soon youíll see another nice guy thatís worth dating again.  

Cat:  You will always have the memories, and maybe not today or a week from now, but someday you'll look back and laugh, and say what in the world did I see in that dumb dog?

 Dog:  Hey! 

Cat: Oh sorry Dog, I meant dog as in dirty smelly creature that isnít worth the time or energy.

Dog: Oh thatís okÖwait HEY thatísÖ

(Cat covers Dogís mouth)

Cat: Iíll explain later, next question.


name = Talia

where = Plum Pa

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof... My mom and dad got divorced and I don't know who to live with please help me

  Dog: Wowie kaboodles it's like choosing between me or Cat as best.

Cat: (all smug) Well not really, they all love me best...puurrrr

Dog: Caaat!  Be serious nowÖ.

Cat: Right right, as Dog said a decision like this is tedious, and quite frankly a little unfair to make.  But, these matters aren't always fair, so we have to deal with them as best as we can.    In choosing between two people you love very much, you have to remember that no matter whom you choose, it doesn't mean that you'll never see one of your parents again.   You will still be able to visit your mom or dad, and they visit you.    They are still your parents and you wonít lose them.  Both will still love you equally.    Make sure to express to everyone that no matter what the choice YOU want a fair deal as possible.  Make sure your parents know that you refuse to put up with their competitive natures involving this decision.  

Dog: Make it very clear that you love them both.   You will choose if you have to, but express to them you want a fair deal, to please consider your feelings.    Remember just because your mom and dad are getting a divorce doesn't mean you want to be separated from either of them for good.   

Cat: Stay strong Talia, and best of luck to you in this difficult time.  You are not alone many kids have divorced parents.  Remember that in the long run your mom and dad just want what's best for you.    Remind them, of that calmly.

Dog:  We suggest you seek some one on one counseling with someone you trust.  Talk to a teacher, or guidance counselor or relative, someone that can help you through your parents divorce.    We wish you only the best Talia, thanks for writing to us, and feel free to write again.   If you want to talk about this more, go into more detail with us, email and let us know. 

 Cat: Next patient.

name = anon

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof... My parents are divorced and are

trying to get me and my sister for custody! My mom has no food in the house

and my dad lives with my uncle! I'm worried about what too do what

can i do?

Cat:  Hmm is this the same person that wrote to us earlier? Is this Talia?  It's hard to tell.    Anon read what we said to Talia, please tell your parents to consider you and your sister's feelings.   Again, no child should have to go through this, itís a very stressful situation, but there isnít a way out, youíll have to make your decision on what feels best.  I stress to stay strong, tell your parents you want to have both of them in your life.  If they love you and your sister they will put your feelings first before their petty arguments and fighting for who keeps the car and who keeps the record collection.   You and your sister are not things!  You are living breathing human beings, their children.   If your parents arenít already perhaps they should seek counseling themselves as well for suggestions tips on how to do what is best for their children.

name = TB

where = New York

comments = Help me Dr. MeowWoof... my dad and I don't get along very well. I've been living with my mom when his household became too unbearable-- that was eight years ago. Now he hardly ever gets involved with my life because he doesn't want to deal with Mom, and in turn I often forget about him. He complained to me about how he doesn't know anything that's going on with me, but he never tells Mom that himself. He especially complains about my not calling my little sisters who live with him, but the way he carries on, how can I call? I've often told him how I hated the way he used to hurt me, and how he continues to hurt me by treating me like I'm his psychiatrist / messenger girl / emotional punching bag. Worst of all, sometimes he doesn't talk to me himself-- he puts my stepmom on the phone to defend him, and that makes things much worse. Recently, I got into a huge fight with my stepmom over Dad on the phone, and she kept saying how tired she was of me saying how wrong Dad was, how I'm making him the bad guy and my mom the good guy, how I wish he'd act differently and how I should just accept the way he is... neither she or my father get the message I've repeatedly tried to convey to them. That I don't want just HIM in my life, I want a caring, loving, considerate FATHER. As much as he loves me, and as many presents as he sends me through the mail, is it so much to ask that he considers my feelings rather than just hurt them first and heal them later. It's not easy when you have a family split in two... it's like you're missing a part of yourself. I've never felt whole for all these years. What am I going to do?

Dog:  Iím speechless Cat is there anything we can say to help TB?

Cat:   We shall do our best.  We understand how you feel TB, it seems that your dad is acting stubborn, perhaps not seeing the big picture.   A good uninterrupted alone conversation might help.    Arrange to have some father and daughter time together, go out to a dinner, or somewhere where the two of you can talk seriously without interruptions.   If that canít happen anytime soon, maybe you could write him a letter about it.  You did a tuuurific job telling us what is going on, now the tricky part is getting through to your dad.  

Dog:  Be very sincere, when you convey your feelings to your daddy.    Try not to criticize his actions of present and past, donít be all judgy like with him.  Right Cat?

Cat:  Yes something like that. Realize that your dad is hurting too.   From what you told us part of the battle is almost won because he deep down wants to relate to you again as before.  Since you used to live with him, and now live with your mom, Iím sure some of his actions the way he doesnít communicate, as he should is his pain.  He may feel rejected slightly that you moved out, and doesnít know why you left.  Perhaps heís afraid to lose you further, to lose you again in his mind, so he acts defensive towards you.   

Dog:  Maybe if you want your olí daddy back, talk to him about stuff.  Tell him about your favorite hobbies, pick a problem going on in your life like say a guy you like isnít noticing you, or your having trouble with a subject ask him for advice.   Talk to him like a daughter would with her dad.   Make the first move; if you show him that you trust in his opinion as a father, maybe he will open up more like before.   

Cat:  Donít allow the uncomfortable situation keep you from talking to your sisters either.    Keep the communication lines open between you and they.  Iím sure these family mishaps are affecting them too.   You donít want to lose touch with your sisters.  

Dog:  When you and dad get to talk, stay calm, we know how frustrating this is but keep an open mind.  Know that heís hurting just as much as you, possibly more.   If you donít see him soon, then get your thoughts on paper. 

Cat:  Actually itís not a bad idea to write a letter anyways, that way thoughts are clearer, your more prepared to tell him what is really going on in your head.  

Dog:  Good luck with daddy TB!  Paws and eyes crossed!   (Tries to cross eyes, which looks really silly)  Ouch!

Cat:  Real good there Dog.  (Sighs rolling eyes)   Next question!


name =  Ker

comments = I just have a quickie-q. Cat, what where you like in high school?


Cat: Hmmm thatís easy to answer!  I was star quarterback!  Had the lead role in the school play, everyone loved me so much I was class president and valedictorian andÖ

Dog:  Cat?  I donít remember any of that.  You never played football, andÖ.

Cat: Shoosh quiet Dog! (Puts hand over mouth)   Pay no attention to my simple brother.    I was quite the charmer with the ladies!  I was prom king and my lovely Tahlulah was prom queen, we danced the night awayÖ

(Dog bites Catís hand off his mouth)

Cat: YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!  What you do that for?

Dog: Cause you shouldnít lie, to Ker.  You may have not been on the football team but you always got Aís!   We both had a nice time in high school.    Cat was more the smarty type and I was very athletic.   Together we made a great team!

Cat: (soothing hand) Yeah we sure did.  Ouch.

Dog: Very sorry Cat.   Here.  (Hands Cat a fishcicle and band-aid.)

Cat: Yummy!   Thanks Dog.  Next questiooona (chomps away at fishcicle)


name = anna spicer

where = durant, oklahoma

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof... i am so sad. Would you help me?

Dog:  Poor Anna.  You know what I like to do when I'm feeling sad, read a comic book, or go chase the garbage truck.  Things like that cheer me up.

Cat: Yes, but they give me a headache especially the chasing part.  What I enjoy is a nice can of tuna, a fishcicle (holds up half eaten) or curling up with a good book listening to music.   In other words, when youíre feeling sad, do things to feel happier.   Yes we know there's not a whole lot you can do when sad, like any emotion you just have to let it run it's course.  It's also better in some ways to not keep your emotions hidden, like if you feel you are going to cry do so.  Cause tears help replenish us, sometimes after a good cry one can feel just a little better.  You may be a bit tired, from it but in the long run it's better that you let your emotions out rather than bottle them up inside.   Youíll sleep better, and feel better in general.   

If the sadness persists, if you feel depressed for long periods and are not sure why, consider talking to someone about it.  Make sure itís nothing serious than just a case of the blues. 

name = anon

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...

i am pregnant hug me!!!!!!!!!!

CatDog: Congratulations new mommy!   Sending lots of cyber hugs your way, so when is the baby shower?  Buy it a cute CatDog for its crib.  (grins brightly) Congrats to the proud daddy too!    

Cat:  Make sure to follow your doctorís advice, and take care of yourself.  

Dog:  And make sure to wallpaper the nursery in little baby KittyPuppys hi ho diggety!


name = Crystal

where = NJ, USA

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...I don't know how to Inflate to fly. Can you show me how? Also, I dreamed about going to senior trips like to the mall and the movies. One more thing, I WILL WRITE TO NICK AND NICK SAYS THERE WILL BE NEW EPISODES PLUS A NON-TV MOVIE!!!

Cat:  Well we donít have wings; donít think we can help you there.    Take a trip somewhere and then you can get on a plane and fly that way.   Go to Florida and visit Universal Studios.  Go to Hawaii, and soak up some sun.

Dog:  Hi ho diggety!  More fan support!  That makes me feel all warmy!   

Cat: Yes keep writing those letters to our bosses, so we can keep entertaining you guys.   Thanks so much for writing and your support.

Next question.

name = rebekah sue

where = Durant

comments = dear meowwoof, I like your show alot.I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cat and Dog:  Thanks Rebekah we love our fans too very much!  Keep watching and weíll keep entertaining!   

name =

where = las vegas, nv

comments = p me Dr MeowWoof...





(Cat hacks up a hairball)

Cat: Bleck, oh excuse me Iíll be right back, then I can answer question.

Dog:  Itís cool Cat.   Iíll answer it you go ahead and stretch to the bathroom, Iíll take care of this. 

Cat: You sure itís a complicated one.

Dog: No problem Cat!  Go go!

Cat: (uneasy) Well all right.

Dog:   (looks to make sure coast is clear) Ok Jean, I can sympathize living with my messy brother and his hairballs, they can get so out of hand and he thinks me eating garbage is all gross.  Itís nothing compared to all the hairballs that get all over the house.  Thankfully Cat cleans a lot so the house doesnít get too gross in hair balls, but sometimes it can be too much for even this garbage loviní Dog to handle.    The first thing I would recommend besides looking up the answers in books about cats and online, is to definitely talk to your vet.  Make sure that there isnít a more severe problem there. 

(Grabs the 2 connected by glue lap top computers, and turns on Dogís computer side, bones background desktop comes up and the internet connection barks while it dials, Dog pulls up favorite links, with a small list of recommended pet advice sites.)

Dog: Hereís a few sites that you might find helpful;  excellent article here about hairballs. And also a forum   Pet  Feline Advice and help, you can write your question right in there.  The Pet Professor  Katpuke site, remedies advice from other cat owners

From my research at these sites, maybe the answer is for your cat to get more fiber in his diet.  Check these sites with what the experts say, and get advice from your vet as well. 

Best of luck, and if you figure out how to remedy the hairballs let me know cause Cat is so gross with his hairball problem.

(Cat walks back and overhears what Dog is saying)

Cat: What?  I do NOT have a hairball problem!  Iím perfectly cleanly healthy and fine.   I canít believe youíd have the audacity to... (starts making retching sounds and another hairball comes up)

Dog:  Oh no, you donít have a problem not you Cat.  heh heh heh

Cat: Oh shut up Dog!  (Sits back exhausted from the hacking)  Next question.


name = Paulina

where = Mťxico

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof... I love CatDog!!!!!!!!!!! It's my favorite TV show! And i can't stop watching CatDog on the TV and the Internet. I'm falling in love with CatDog.

(sorry for my bad english)


CatDog:  Hi ho diggety!  We love our fans so much from all over the globe!   Keep watching us, and checking out the fun sites online for CatDog.  Donít forget to sign the Save CatDog petition if you havenít yet.   

Cat: (sighs) If only there were more fans like this eh Dog?

Dog: Right Cat!  Maybe weíd be drawn in new episodes and a movie.   Hopefully somedayÖ Just have to dream.  

Cat:  Paulina your English is fine too.  Thanks for writing.

name = gary

where = dallas texas

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof... I have a...a math homework but I don't know 90x90=??? please help me!!!


Cat:  Well Gary, think of your simple multiplication tables.  Whatís 9 X 0?  Whatís 9 X 9?  That will help you solving the problem.   Whenever you need any kind of help consult your math teacher about it too.    Teachers appreciate students that come to them with a problem needing solved.

Dog: Eh, I just use a calculatorÖ

Cat: Now Dog, Gary has to learn how to do his math without the calculator, because later when the math subjects get more complicated, like algebra, geometry, calculus, etc he may be permitted to use a calculator, but for now he has to learn for himself the basics.  When heís taking a math test, he wonít be allowed a calculator, thatís like cheating.

Dog: Oh never thought of that way.  Donít want to cheat!  Oh wowie kaboodles!!  Iím going to throw all the calculators in the house away thenÖ

Cat:  No!  Donít do that!  We still need them for our grocery budgeting, and taxes. 

Dog:  But Cat you saidÖ

Cat:   I meant in school Dog.  We are adults now, and have acquired the skills necessary, we know how to solve 90 X 90 and how to spell encyclopedia.   We can use aides to make our tasks quicker. 

Study well Gary!  And ask your math teacher or parents for help with your homework.  


name = James Yui

where = Hong Kong

comments = Other than just problem do you like Yu-Gi-Oh?


Cat:  Yu Gi what oh? 

Dog:  Silly Cat itís an anime cartoon.    Sure I watch it sometimes James, very action packed.  Cat doesnít watch a lot of cartoons like me. 

Cat:   I watch some cartoons, but I prefer reading a good book and listening to classical polka.  Next question.


name = sweetpie

where = Indianapolis

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof... I have a problem with one of my guy friends. He keeps ignoring me and I want him to stop but I'm scared to confront him about it. Do you have

any advice for me?

Cat:  HmmÖ did you get into an argument?  Think about the last times you guys were together.  What happened?    Maybe heís not mad at you at all, perhaps something very stressful happened to him recently and heís having trouble expressing himself to his friends like you.  Itís up to you to reassure him that if something is bothering him, that he can trust you to tell you about it.

Dog:  If you value his friendship, you will have to take a deep breath and bravely ask him why heís been ignoring you lately.  Maybe he doesnít realize that you feel that way.  Invite him out with you somewhere to chat, and ask him whatís up. 

Cat:  We understand wholeheartedly the fear of confrontation.   Everyone experiences these types of obstacles with others. 

Dog:  If heís really a friend, with some coaxing heíll open up to you.  Just ask him what is up.  Best of luck Sweetpie!


name = AYELET




Dog:  (sniff sniff) This is so sad.   I donít like the thought of losing a friend.

Cat: Yes it can be tough, but sometimes people can change and want to move on to new people.  Itís no fun at first but eventually youíll meet new friends.  

Dog: Maybe Ayelet, can regain the friend back by being super nice.  Thereís also the possibility that the friendship is still there, but maybe thereís a miscommunication going on.  Talk to your friend, see what upset her and try to resolve it together.

Cat:  Thatís possible too.  Like we advised Sweetpie, think about what happened.  Did you guys have a disagreement?  Did you treat your friend badly or did she treat you badly?   What were the circumstances?    Perhaps the friendship with patience and understanding can be rekindled.   It just depends on many different factors. The question you need to ask yourself is it worth trying to mend?  Think about what went wrong.   How well do you get along with she? 

Dog:  Maybe they just need some time apart.   Who knows, maybe she will miss you and want to be friends again.    Thanks for writing and good luck.


name = steve "yao ming" greendale

where = houston

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...I have hypocondria! Every time, and every day I think I'm sick, when everyone says I'm healthy! I need a answer to get me out of this hypocondria!

Cat:  My first advice depending on the severity is to pay a visit to your doctor or a psychologist about the problem.    Hypochondriacs have trouble getting through daily life, because they feel stressed out thinking they are seriously ill.  This can interfere with your activities, recreational and work related.  If the fears are very irrational and disrupting your normal activity talk to a professional about it.      There are also many helpful websites online about the condition where you can ask professionals advice and read about the condition in more detail as well. 

(Dog starts tapping at his laptop again)

Dog:  Hereís a site with a pretty good article about hypochondria and also a test you can take to see the severity level of hypochondria symptoms.

Also check out:   


Cat:   Excellent Dog!  Also, lately the media is packed with reports of deadly viruses going around such as SARS.  When media gets like this, it is pretty normal to react a little fearful and protective of your life and loved ones.    When your feeling frightened of these tragedies take some time to talk these fears out with someone you trust.   Making your feelings known can help you feel much better mentally as well as physically.  

Dog:  Donít forget to take care of your body, eat a well balanced diet, and exercise regularly.  Youíll feel better physically because your taking care of yourself, and maybe the hypochondria will lessen. 

Cat:  Thanks for the question, take that test to see the results and talk to a therapist if you need help.


name = gori unio

where = california

comments = Help me Dr of SARS!


Cat:  Hmm interesting.   See Steve look at this letter.   Hereís Gori scared or just joking about SARS.    SARS is one of the major concerns around the world right now, therefore understandable to be worried.  Gori, I hope for your sake this isnít true.  And unless youíve been to areas of the world that are affected I wouldnít worry.  Maybe you could take that hypochondriac test as well to see if your health fears are irrational.   Talk to your family and friends about your fears and what you are reading and hearing in the news.    The media has some downright ugly stories for us, and it can get depressing and scary.  Try not to dwell on these problems too much.   Yes itís good to be concerned about the world and to protect yourself, and stay informed, but enjoy what life has to offer you too.  Take a break from these fears, watch us on T.V., go to the movies, go out with friends, or take a road trip.   Thanks for writing, and remember to have some fun itís summertime! 


name = kiesta
where = san antonio

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof... I have a friend who cusses a lot.  You
know I still want to be friends with her. But cussing is bad how?
Cat:  Well it depends on personal views, age, situations, etc.  But is the question do Dog and I 
feel cussing or swearing is wrong?  The answer is no.  Each individual feels differently about 
swearing.  If you do a little research on some swear words you may find that they were not 
swear words at all at one time.  So then the question is how, when, where, and why did a 
certain word become a so-called bad word?  The answers can come out of society norms 
and different cultures.  Remember some gestures, words, may be derogatory in one country 
but not mean anything offensive in another.
Dog:  Hey Cat, you know when little kittens and puppies are around itís not nice to swear in 
front of them.  

Cat:  This is the case of appropriate situations then.  Most parents do not want their young to 
hear swearing and adult topics around their children, because they want to keep the kids 
innocent until they get a little older.   These are times when maybe itís good out of courtesy of 
others around you to do your best not to swear.  Whatever the reasons, some people feel 
uncomfortable when someone is cursing.  So out of courtesy to them itís better to respect their
 feelings, if possible.
Dog:  Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable, but itís mostly out of embarrassment.  Iím not sure 
why I feel bad about swearing sometimes.  When Iím alone or with you it doesnít matter 
but if Iím in public and I say a bad word I get very mad at myself and embarrassed.  
Cat:  Thatís because you are afraid that you might offend someone.  Perfectly understandable 
reaction, because you donít know who around might freak because of a few swear words.
Dog: Well Cat, back to the question is it wrong to cuss? 
Cat:  In general, I do not think its wrong.  Itís just a more emphatic way to express emotions.  
Sometimes I feel that swearing is effective depending on what the content is about.  For 
example protesting, swearing can be louder, more of a cry to stop the madness of a world 
gone wrong.  How about good dialogue writing?   Since there are people that do in fact swear 
then is it wrong to write a story with accurate language portrayal if the characters swear?   
What about movies like Goodfellas with realistic dialogue that gangsters speak?  Would it be 
fair to have one of the gangsters say ďgolly geeĒ after being shot a few times?  Hell no!  This is
 why television censoring can get downright ludicrous and annoying.   
Dog:  Good points Cat.  So as long as you donít mind the cussing then donít worry about it.  
But if your worried about getting in trouble around others then ask your friend nicely when
around your parents, family, whoever to curb the swearing. Save it for atmosphere where itís 
ok to swear.   However, donít let swearing become a constant habit, there are a variety of ways
 to communicate besides using cuss words.
Cat: Hope this helps some.   Thanks for the question Kiesta! 

name = Joe

where = Australia

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...I have been trying for 2 years to find  (to buy ) a catdog 
T Shirt. I would be verygrateful if you could inform me where I can buy a catdog T Shirt 
(preferably in Aust , but doesn't have to be)
Dog:   Gíday Joe!   

Cat:  Great to meet Aussie fans!   I wish we had a direct solution for you but we donít.   There 
was one store we heard that sold adult size t-shirts briefly for CatDog.  That was called Hot 
Topic.   Unfortunately I donít think they sell them anymore.   Man I hate this Dog it just pisses 
me off so bad that we have all these fans that want to express how much they like us but when
 it comes to finding merchandise itís like a scavenger hunt!  How irritating.   Have you checked 

That is a good site to find rare stuff as well.  We know this one very big fan got a lot of CatDog 
items off of eBay. 

Dog:  If you canít find any officially type ones you can make t-shirts at home with special iron 
paper that can be bought for the computer to print out any type of picture on the computer and 
iron it on to a white t-shirt.  Thatís a good way to have an authentic one of kind t-shirt.    These 
make nice gifts for your friends too you can make a hobby out of making homemade t-shirt 

Cat:  Great idea, but it still angers me that we arenít more accessible to fans.

Dog: Me too Cat but thatís where fans when all else fails need to put their creative sides to the 
Cat:  We canít stress enough to make your voice heard fans help keep shows alive.    Next 


name = anon

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...My dog farts

Cat:  SO does Dog waaay too much! 

(A rank smell hits the air)

Pew!  See what I mean?  Why do you have to act like such a dog Dog?

Dog:  Woops guess I ate too much Taco Depot today. Excuse me. 

(Holding nose, cat hurries to open window)

Cat: Ah thatís better.   Breathes fresh air. If this is a serious problem, consult some of the pet sites we recommended to Jean.  Those might help with pet digestive trouble.

(Dog lets another rip)

Cat: Damn Dog!  Would you give it a rest?

Dog: I canít help it, it was all that garbage I ate.  Guess it didnít digest properly.

Cat:  Oh man, Thank god that was the last question Iím out of here!   

(Cat starts to run away quickly, forgetting heís attached to Dog, and snaps back next to Dog, which causes CAT to pass gas this time.)

Dog:  Ack!  (Waves hands) That was worse than mine!   Think itís time to visit the little CatDogís room.

Cat: Agreed! 

(CatDog get off the couch and hurry up the stairs to the bathroom, shouting.)

CatDog:  Thanks for the questions; sorry we have to rush off like this.   Take care gentle patients, and have a nice summer! 

(CatDog hurry upstairs, and slam the bathroom door)



2nd Issue

the name = DreamCatcher
where = SPR,AR
reply email = it moves with the moon and the stars that twinkle
comments = Dr. Meowwoof;
I have had wierd dreams, a little before and still curtrently at 
times. They range ussually, if I remember them, to dreams with a freind 
of mine in them who is female... to as scary and rare as dreams of some 
guy trying to kill me and ussually the guy i don't know with me IS 
killed. He must be VERY unlucky o.o; I also remember a dream that was 
more like a odd nightmare of myself and my parents living next to a house 
that burned down, only to go by the house and into it and find symbols, 
ones I know as being not wiccan... but more, how to say... demonic. 
The question I wanna ask is... Is there any perfessional or 
laymans term or explaination for these dreams I am having? I mind none of 
those with my freind in them, but the more disturbing ones i could do 
without for a while. And my dream-catcher apparently needs new spiritual 
batteries or to be hung somewhere else.

Thanks and i wait for your solution.... ~DreamCatcher

Ummm.. Don't think THIS problem calls for a hug exactly... o.o maybe 
later. *^^*

Dog: Ooo dreams. Remember that time we dreamt we were all black white an gray and could sing really really good? That was fun. But I don't like the nightmares. Nightmares are so scary why do we have nightmares Cat?

Cat: Well Dog, I'm not for certain but I know that we need to dream. Dreaming is essential for the mind to stay stable and not go hay wire. It's a helpful way for the brain to be able to tell the difference between reality and non-reality. Dreams are just abstract confusing ways to tell us something. Nightmares are horrible I know, but I believe in some ways that they are just as essential to us as pleasant dreams. Now of course you must consider how often you are having nightmares. If you are experiences nightmares very frequently more than normal, then something could be bothering you a great deal, and you need to take steps to figure out what that is. It doesn't hurt to talk to someone about it, maybe a counselor or psychologist if you feel it necessary. Think about what is happening in your life, did something very traumatic occur, are these nightmares constant? If so then you should consider counseling or talking to someone you trust.
Nightmares help to show us our deepest fears, only in a confused frightening manner. Nightmares are supposed to be frightening if they weren't then they wouldn't be nightmares, they would be pleasant. There's different degrees of nightmares, there's ones that make you feel mildly uncomfortable, and then there's others so extreme you wake up sweating, and or screaming, etc.
I wish I had the answer as to why we need such unpleasant dreams sometimes. But I don't have a definite answer. Maybe no one truly knows why we dream, but I strongly feel it's necessary.

As for analyzing your dream specifically, there's a few possible things I can see. A guy being murdered next to you could be a number of reasons, could be your fear of a loved one dying leaving you all alone. That no matter who the person is and how they die, that maybe your afraid to be alone. A common fear we all have from time to time.

Dog: Lonely feels so.....lonely. I don't like when I feel lonely. And even though I'm attached to Cat sometimes I fear becoming lonely. Losing Cat. 

Cat: Yes me too, as much as I strive to be alone sometimes just have time to myself, I fear losing Dog as well sometimes. Back to what I was saying, another possibility to watching another person die could just be your curiosity in death. Now don't freak out with what I'm saying that doesn't make you weird, it's actually quite normal. Death is something we just can't escape, so naturally we fear death and dying we fear the nature of it, and wonder if we will die before we get old. We wonder what it's like to die. Not that we think about it all the time, but we wonder what it's going to feel like, to look like to die, what's going to happen us.....which brings me to the wicca or satanic symbols your seeing. That's your brain processing your beliefs and questions in religion and what is out there after we die. Perhaps your parents living next to a house that burned down is similar, it's like your brain is seeing close calls, with that guy that was murdered next to you, we say that could of been me, likewise the house next door burning down could be your brain saying that could have been my parents. Thank goodness it wasn't but what will I do when the day comes? What will I do when any of my loved ones leave me? How will I deal with it? 

 Another important thing to realize about dreams is that they are inside your brain they are not being transmitted to you from another brain.  Therefore your own interpretations of your dreams is more than likely correct.  For example; say your worried about something, your worried about paying a bill on time, so you constantly dream about green bugs attacking you.  You could then assume the green bugs symbolize money, and the worry.   That kind of interpretation makes sense, and you'd probably be right, simply cause you dreamt it, you analyzed it, you related it to your real life problem.

Dog: Aww I dreamt of Roachie one time but I didn't have a bill problem I just missed him.

Cat: No Dog you don't understand, your bug dreams are different.  Everyone's dreams are different and have their own special meaning.

Dog: Oh!  I think I understand now Cat. Wow dreams are very complexy!

Cat: Indeed they can be.  Hope this helps Dream Catcher and thanks for writing, wishing you a very pleasant dreamland journey.

name = Roger
where = Australia
comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...


I have had the your theme song running through my head for AGES now!! 
The really funny thing is, I LIKE IT THERE!! I LIKE hearing the Catdog 
theme song all day long!!!

This sort of obsession can't be at all healthy!! Help me!! I think 
that you're so cute and I WANT TO GIVE YOU A BIG HUGGIE!!
Please tell me if I have a problem or if this is normal...

I also have a question: Does Dog ever purr?

Dog: (starts singing One fine day with a woof,

Cat: and a PURR!

CatDog: a baby was born and it caused a little stir..

Dog: hee hee It is very catchy isn't it? I love our song it always gives me goose bumps!

Cat: Yes as do I. 

Dog: Cat it's so neat to meet so many fans that love us so much!

Cat: Yes and there's nothing wrong with loving us, especially moi! hehe

Dog: I think a lot of people have obsessions. I know how much I love Mean Bob he's the coolest!

Cat: Yes obsessions are normal, as long as they don't totally take over your whole life. I feel though that passions and being obsessed with something is actually quite fun! I can remember the time I had my extreme obsession with Mean Bob action figures. Well I guess that did get a bit out of hand, but I can remember the pleasure and excitement I felt every time I could add to my collection. Obsessions in cartoons, TV shows, movies, books, a sport, hobby, whatever is something that can help keep us alive keep us happy and have a little extra purpose in life, besides normal everyday life concerns. Think about the reasons you love us so much, I'll bet they are quite similar to the reasons that other extreme fans love us. I for one think that we are a good obsession to have, and I'm not just saying that to love me more, I'm saying that cause our cartoon has very positive messages about getting along with others. Our show makes the viewer think, instead of just stare blankly at the screen. You guys all wonder all sorts of questions.

Dog: Like how we built our house, how we attached our TVs together and built a 2 headed snowman, how we take a wiz,. how we walk and run in rhythm without dragging one another unless it's the garbage truck in which case I just can't help myself, and...

Cat: Yes, yes I know I still have the bruises and more OUCH! Anyways, Roger enjoy what you love. If it helps and you have the time there are ways online you can join and share with other fans of your obsessions as well, forums, websites, mailing lists, etc. There's all sorts of ways to keep the obsessions alive and enjoyable. So just have fun and don't worry it's healthy to love characters, shows, books, etc, just as long as you keep a good head on your shoulders and can distinguish between reality and fantasy.

Dog: NEXT!

name = Dave
where = Swindon

comments = Aw man!! my eyes are soo red!! really bloodshot n all closed 
and everything help me dude!!! ARGGGHHH I NEED MORE SMOKE!!111111#
Cat, Dog, what shall I do?

Dog: He sounds sleepy Cat.

Cat: Yes perhaps you need a good nights rest. *cough cough* phew what's that smell? Wait why am I suddenly remembering our hippy days....

Dog: *coughs too* what's that Cat?

Cat: Oh umm never mind pup, forget it. Umm ok Dave sounds like you need to slow down on what is causing that smoke.

Dog: Oh wait a minute I know what this stuff is! Remember that party we got invited to of Shaggy and Scooby's and.....

(Cat quickly covers his mouth) shhhhhhhhhhhhh DOG!! Umm ok Dave if that's what I think it is, try to cut down, your eyes won't be as bloodshot and you'll be more productive. Next question.

name = Water

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...This isnít the first time this type of 
problem has happened, itís the thirdÖand Iím tired it! It's like this, 
apparently I'm an easy going person and I can get along with just about 
anyone...that should be a good thing right? Well not for 
friends hate each otherís guts! When Iím just with one of them, theyíll make 
very harsh remarks about the other. I'm not sure whether to say 
something or not...I really don't want to get involved. See I wish they could 
just talk to each other and work things out, but they can't without 
blowing up in the others face, and besides they rather just start dooking 
it out and get into a big catfight then just talk. I'm at a loss on 
whether I should side with anyone or not. I'm completely stuck in the 
middle...again! Sounds confusingÖhun? Believe me it is!!!

Cat: Hmm interesting. I think this happens a lot with trio friendships. There's the nice one and then then the 2 others that love the nice one and get a little jealous if the the nice one appears to like the other better than she or he. I feel for you it is quite difficult I'm sure.   I must admit it's difficult to answer too....hmm *scratches chin*

Dog: That's not very nice of those to friends putting you in the middle like that.   It sounds like some good solid communication is in order here.  Tell them how you feel that you don't like feeling in the middle, they are taking advantage of your niceness.  Something that happens to me a lot too.   Like take Cat, and Winslow for example, those two don't get along all the time, but I get along with them both very well.   I guess that might be sort of the same idea.  Or at least close to.  I get so mad sometimes too wanting to tell my brother and Winslow to knock it off and get along for a change!  *folds arms with stern annoyed look*  

Cat: (looks at Dog surprised)  Dog, I didn't know how strongly you felt about that.   The thought never occurred to me, mostly because Winslow's latest schemes make me incredibly angry all the time and..(mumbles under breath sulking)

Dog:  (emphatically) Tell them you don't want to be apart of talking behind each other's friends back like that.  It's very mean!  And feriends don't talk about their ferends meanly at all right Cat?

Cat: Well...actually Dog it may not always be a nice thing, but even friends can talk about other friends.    Not that it's right to do that, but nobody is perfect and sometimes friends feel comfortable enough to talk about the friend that isn't there.  Think about yourself too Water,  do you join in with the I don't like how he acts when...etc even just a little bit?  It's a very common human flaw to gossip and talk about others behind their backs.  You don't want to offend and hurt that person's feelings so it's done when that person isn't around.  It's quite possible that when your two friends are together and you aren't there that they are talking about what annoys them about you as well.    Does that mean you guys think less of one another does that mean that your friends aren't your friends?  More than likely not.   Sometimes full blown honesty and criticism towards another is hard to say and much harder to take.   Remember too that everyone is different and even the most stable of relationships still have problems getting along fully.   People have disagreements and will always face at least one thing that bothers them about another person.  It doesn't matter how much you love the person, and or how much you have in common, at least one trait about them will bother you.   Even now, think about your question to us, sure you may have used an anonymous handle, and your friends more than likely won't know that you in fact wrote to us about them, but the key is the question IS a complaint about them.  So in a way you are talking behind their backs.  Before solving this problem of what your roll usually is in a group of friends, it's helpful to understand why people in general use the outlet to rely on other ears to complain about someone.   Usually it's because people don't want to hurt someone's feelings directly like that.  There's also fear, fear of the criticized person's reaction.  The person not facing their friend directly doesn't want to get into a fight, or doesn't want to hurt their friend's feelings either.  

Dog: hmmph!  In my book that's very cowardly Cat!  Friends should always be direct and honest. With one another.  Sometimes fighting is healthy too.  Look how much we fight, but then after a while we feel better cause we got our feelings out.

Cat:  It's not that I don't agree with you Dog, it's just that humans aren't perfect and can make mistakes like talking behind another's back.  Everyone does it, from time to time, even if they don't realize it.  Water needs to take a deep breath and forgive her friends, mentally, for their foibles.   THEN have it out with them.  Water should tell them that the way they act towards one another is putting a strain on the relationship. I know it's easier said than done, but try and see if talking might resolve it.  Here's an idea, why not talk to them privately, before talking to both at the same time.  Ask your friends why they talk about your other friend so much.  Don't be afraid to tell them how you feel, tell them you feel stuck in the middle and don't want to choose sides, you just wish you all could have fun and get along.  Be daring! Ask them if when you aren't around if they talk about you too sometimes and see what they say individually.  Tell them to please to be honest with you.  If they are your friends they will be honest.  

Relax, I think it will all work out.  Have confidence in your feelings, but understand the insecurities your friends may feel.  I get the feeling that they are jealous of one another, and competitive.  As a result you are just victim to the competition.  Think about their personalities.  Do they have difference in opinions with lots of things?  If they suddenly became connected would they act like Dog and me?

Dog:  Cat, I think it's super that Water is such a nice person and easygoing, it's a great way to be.  

Cat:  I agree!  Water you are ok in our book.  

Dog:  Don't ever feel that the way you get along with everyone is a bad thing.  It's a good asset to have.  Charming and easy going people are the easiest to talk to and enjoy.  Keep your friendly disposition and you won't have to worry about never having a friend.  

name = Britt
where = PA

comments = Hi Dr. MeowWoof!
First of all I want to say I love you guys and your show you are both 
so cute and it is so sweet how you love each other so much!!
Second is my problem. I was wondering if you guys know if Nickelodeon 
will ever show your new episodes, or if any of your episodes will come 
on tape at all, because it is making me really mad to know Nickelodeon 
only plays you once a week at 6:00 in the morning.
Thanks alot, I love you guys!
Dog: Thanks Britt. We would love to be on Nickelodeon more than we have been so a few suggestions in helping us:

Cat: Write to Nickelodeon, tell them you want to see more Catdog and the new episodes. Believe me we worked very hard in those episodes and feel that all fans have a right to see them. So tell Nick that, sign the petition to help too, get others to sign, and there may also be a quick solution to seeing the new episodes just talk to site owner about it. 

Dog: Thanks for your support. And please keep watching us. Hi ho diggety!

name = nashbridges_chick
where = Greenville,OH

comments = Dear Dr MeowWoof...
I love your show! I dont have any prob's to tell you at right but i do 
love your show! my life is great! ive been with my b/f for over a year 
and 10 months now!
take care!! :)
Cat: Tuuurrifc Nashbridges chick! 

Dog: That's great we wish you the best to you and your boyfriend! And we love our fans so much too!

Cat: Thanks for writing. Have great holidays!

name = CatDogXpurrt

comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...Iím completely stumped on what to get 
my boyfriend for Christmas. Iím really stressing over this because 
well, weíve only know one another for a short timeÖand I havenít had much 
time to find out what he likes. Also I want to give him something heíll 
be pleased w/Ösomething that shows him that I care. Iím also stressing 
over the gift giving partÖIím worried that the present I give him, he 
might take it as if I didnít care and possibly give him a wrong 
impressionÖgosh Iím paranoidÖwhat to do?

Cat: Ooo love the name! Expurrts on us is the only way to be! *purrs* Well this is a very common problem among new couples, but a very easy fix. Yes I know us handsome fella's are harder to buy for than you luscious lovelys out there, because there's so many possibilities. Personally I would get you a rose as lovely red as your lips, and a necklace charm the color of your eyes to bring out that romantic glow and....

Dog: *pokes Cat* Hey wake up your doing it again getting off topic and flirting like a naughty kitty! I think as a guy if I was dating a female type of someone I would want them to ask me what I like, and in turn I would ask my girlfriend what she likes it's the nice thing to do. Plus it's very friendly too. We could do lots of talking and talking all about us. It would be so much fun. *dreamy sighs at the though of having a friendly girl around*

Cat: Yes a very good idea Dog. You see Xpurrt if I was your boyfriend I would feel very flattered and loved if my girlfriend asked me what I was interested in asked me what books, movies, and music I like. 

Dog: MEAN BOB! I like Mean Bob I want Mean Bob toys for Christmas and Evil Eric video game too! *starts panting like crazy*

Cat: Doooooog!!! Anyways communication is always best. I realize how difficult since your just getting to know the nice guy that it might be to ask him what he's interested in your nervous afraid of reactions, and that's understandable, but I think if your honest with him and direct that he will appreciate it a great deal. You can even make it into a romantic game. You could have him sit on your lap (depending on if you could handle it, though if I was your guy I'd rather you sit on my lap ooohh mama) and you could say to him coyly and sweetly so what do you want from miss Santa Claus this year little boy? And maybe after a little flirty answers he'll tell you. When the flirty answers are over, tell him your serious, that you want him to have a nice Christmas from you, and you want to get him something he will like, so what is it you like Cat? And he'll respond I like big yarn balls, and classical polka, and white fish chub. 

Dog: Yes, but what if she wants to surprise him Cat? Not just get him exactly what he says? Surprises can be lots of fun! 

Cat: Ah good point. Well then ask specific questions to get an idea then, ask him what his favorite music groups are, does he have a favorite sports team, favorite TV show, movies, books....etc These type of answers produce a wide range of possible gifts. T-shirts, posters, books, etc, anything that stems from something he enjoys. There's also another very helpful option, asking his friends, and family what he might like from you for Christmas as well. That can help you too. But remember even though you and your boyfriend have only been dating for a little while, I can tell by your question that you care for him a great deal, and do express interest in getting to know the nice guy better. Asking him about his interests and hobbies is a great way to continue getting to know him better, and also gives you a chance to reveal some of your interests as well. Like meeee. 

Dog: AND ME!!!! *big silly grins* Great advice Cat! I agree, communication is key to long lasting friendships and more! Have a hi ho ho ho diggety Christmas, don't stress you will make the right decisions I'm sure.

name = mike
where = ct
comments = Help me Dr MeowWoof...i hope you can stay on nickelodeon

Dog: Awww *sniff sniff* we do too. We miss getting to entertain our fans everyday like we used to what happened Cat?

Cat: *snifflys too* I...I just don't know Dog. I don't know why we aren't on that much anymore. As we advised other fans, write to the network, sign the petition and maybe even write to other networks about the possibility of getting us on a station like Cartoon Network. Another suggestion is digital cable, with Nick Too I believe it's called that show a lot of nick toons including ones that Nickelodeon doesn't show anymore like our good pal Rocko, and the most intelligent dog I know Ren from Ren and Stimpy.

Dog: Eeee Stimpy! I love him! He's my kind of cat!....uh next to you of course Cat. heh heh heh

Cat: Yes.. well Ren is my buddy!  We listen to opera together and read.  Such a delightful time.

*phone rings*

Dog: *picks up phone* Hello?.....Stimpy!  Hi buddy!....Oooo really??....Thanky thanky for inviting us!  We'll be there!  *hangs up phone*

Cat:  What did they want Dog?

Dog:  They invited us to their big holiday party tonight!  So we better get ready soon after this, how many letter are left?

Cat:  Well that appears to be it for this time.  Lets hurry and get ready.  Thank you so much fans for talking to us.  We wish you a very happy holiday and super new year celebration!

Dog:  Hi ho ho ho diggety!  

gets up off the couch, and hurries off singing....."There's nothing that's better than Christmas with CatDog I wish we could do it all the year looooonnnggggg!"

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