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Ok eggy ones! Looks like you found another Eastery egg! This egg contains my collection of CatDog items. I finally gathered everything together and took a biiiig picture! Enjopy the insanity of my obsession. Later when I get some time I'll make a list of everything that is pictured here, and then another list of other CatDog items I know that exist out there. It'll be like a CatDog merchandise checklist. Enjoy the Eggy! Did you have any idea that this much CatDog items existed? I sure as heck didn't until I kept running across one thing after another on eBay.

My CatDog collection, merchandise full shot

  • Closeup of sections
  • top shelf
  • bottom 2 shelves
  • beside the shelf, and stuff on nightstand
  • Stuff on floor
    My CatDog Autographs, and more
  • from left to right

    The side wall-

  • CatDog Promotional Clock
  • Tom Kenny Autograph
  • A Space Oddity book autographed by Steven Banks


  • CatDog Poster
  • CatDog black t-shirt

    right closet door-

  • top left- Jim Cummings Autograph
  • bottom left: letter from Peter Hannan with personalized Dog drawing on it
  • top right: Peter Hannan's autograph CatDog drawings
  • botom right: Lisa Kossey's Autograph plus the CatDog publicity booklet "CatDog Bible"

    My CatDog animation cel, thanks to ebay once again, signed by Tom Kenny and Carlos Alazraqui!!