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ATTENTION NEARBURG FANS! CatDog needs our support. Peter Hannan, creator of CatDog, gave me the OK to make a fan petition to gather more CatDog support, and show Nickelodeon that we want to see CatDog get more air time, more merchandise, movie in theatre, etc.
  • CatDog is nearly done! After Nickelodeon finishes showing Season 3, there won't be anymore CatDogs. Peter informed me that Nick isn't letting them make anymore CatDogs. CatDog has only been on just a little over 2 years now. CatDog deserves more episodes than this.
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  • Please be patient I will get an updated count soon, the last count was 678 August 13 sent the first batch to NICK!!

    Hi ho diggety here's a message from Peter:

    Kristen- Sorry, I haven't checked this address for a while. Thanks for all the petitions and thank all the fans who took the time to fill them out. I have told Nick about them,

    Watch your local listings for the new shows.

    My new projects are coming along very well.

  • -PH

  • Here is the letter from Peter, please read:

    New episodes: I'm also in suspense about when they'll premiere. Some will apparently be up for U-Pick and might premiere that way, but otherwise, Nickelodeon is insisting on surprising me too. The number of seasons question is a good one. It's confusing because Nick isn't as tied to the season concept as most networks, since they premiere shows whenever they want to. Our first order was for 40 half hours, our next was for 20, then 5 half hours and the TV movie. That's 68 half hours in three years. Most shows do 13 at a time, so it really seems like four or more seasons: 120-some odd stories, 34 hours of TV, the equivalent of about 15 feature films, timewise.

    Which brings me to another, kind of sad topic: after this batch, as of now, we aren't making any more CatDogs. There are a lot more great CatDog stories to tell, but for the time being those stories will have to reside in my head. I would love to keep going, it's Nickelodeon's decision. We may do some more in the future and of course, I would love to make a CatDog feature film, but for now... I'm moving on to new projects. I've got something in the works that I think you will really like. Meanwhile, the movie and this last batch of shows are great. And, of course, CatDog will live on in reruns for quite some time. Working on CatDog has been a great thrill for me and having an audience like you and all the other CatDog fans out there is an extreme privilege.


    I have been holding this news in for a few weeks now, I was waiting to get his ok on saying anything. Here's his next letter on the matter:

    Kristen- Thanks again for all your support. In answer to your question, I do think you should go public with this information and as you suggest, if you and other fans want to find a way to show your desire to see more CatDogs in the future I would of course appreciate it. That said, please tune in to see the movie this Saturday and the new shows coming up. Even if we make no more CatDogs after this batch, we've had a great run. 120+ CatDog stories is nothing to sneeze at and millions of viewers tune in to watch CatDog every single day of the week. The making of CatDog has been incredibly fun...as entertaining for me as the watching of CatDog has been for you. In terms of future projects, I have several things in the works and I'll certainly update you as they become official. Happy turkey..I mean...cranberry day!


    Those of you reading may say what can I do about it? There's nothing I can do. FALSE! There is something we all can do as fans. There's plenty of ways to get ourselves heard. Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Write letters directly to Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Nick Magazine, or other Nickelodeon offices. Letting them know how much you adore CatDog!

    2. Online letters to Nick.com! Tell Nick there how much you love CatDog and don't want to see the show disappear so soon.


    and 3 and most important: SIGN THIS PETITION!!! If CatDog gets enough support through this maybe then Nick won't dismiss CatDog so quickly! So please, for the love of CatDog SIGN!

    **PAGE OWNERS! Please feel free to take this banner and link, onto your sites to spread the petition further. We must get this petition out to every fan we can possible!!

    *PLEASE, only sign petition ONCE!*

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  • For your viewing pleasure. I have the Save CatDog Drawings linked and ready to show, to anyone that wants to see them. So without further ado here they are and a brief description of WHERE they are inside.

    an idea of how the title page looked, the title image and winning drawing drawing

    Adreas Harrison's excellent Save CatDog drawing that WON the title page

    The title image I did

    Candice Harden's drawing got the honor of leading off the petitions on the very other side of the cover letter

    Felicia Spano's drawing got the Finale page after the petitions

    Dan Tourney's vey creative save cd image. Dan is also responsible for the Save CatDog video tribute.

    Jenna Micheal's Save CatDog drawing

    Another from Felicia Spano

    Dave Minton's Save CatDog drawing

    Stewarts Save CatDog image

    Sema's save catdog image

    Candice's CatDog tribute

    Websites Supporting Save CatDog

    If you want your address here, please add the banner and link and also let me know it know if I don't catch your site.
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