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The Cast of Characters

From Pooh to Stimpy, These Characters Have Fine Talents Behind Them

This page has all of the major and some minor character's profiles and thier voices. For those of you that don't know much about this cartoon, these descriptions will explain a lot. Also I would also like to say that if you notice a lot of the main characters are famous for other cartoon voices. So CatDog has extremely talented individuals behind this masterpiece. Also check, Voice characters on CatDog
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  • CatDog Character voice list
  • Cat- voice Jim Cummings(Famously known as Winnie the Pooh's recent voice, and Tigger)

    Cat is the smart, cunning one of the two. He is always scheming a new plan to trick Dog into getting what he wants, like making Dog smarter in attempts to have more in common with him, by showing him educational films, or having him win a dog sledding contest by training him very hard and in a militaristic manner(poor puppy was hairless in the freezing cold snow), and as a result usually with his greediness and selfishness these schemes all blow up in his face. Poor Cat. He's the typical smart, vain, uptight tortured soul. Cat is the "underdog" of the two. Life has been hard for the both of them coping with society's ignorance towards something "different"; but Cat always seems to get the short end of the stick in the situations, especially faced with the Greaser Dogs. With the fact of being the Greasers mortal enemy: a CAT, he takes more of the punches and beatings than Dog. With his brains and constant ridiculing from the rest of the characters, he's the most defensive and short tempered, of the two. Despite his quirks, and spats with Dog, he loves his brother with his whole heart. He cares so deeply that he ends up helping Dog in the end once that pesky guilty conscience gets to him.

  • Dog- voice by- Tom Kenny (famous for SpongeBob's voice)

    Dog is the naive happy ditzy energetic puppy of the two. He's usually pulling Cat along chasing garbage trucks, and has more brawn than brains, with the exception of episode "Smarter Than the Average Dog" where Cat makes him watch educational videos and he becomes a genius. Dog is extremely ambitious when Cat or any other character convinces him to take on a task. He dives right into it with full force and energy. Dog is the typical loyal "dumb dog" easily brainwashed AND vice versa! He WILL believe everything you tell him! His attention span is very short and he is easily distracted by garbage trucks, bones (especially Farburg Bones), toys "MEAN BOB MEAN BOB MUST HAVE MEAN BOB!", Taco Depot, pet Roaches and a very overactive imagination. He's extremely lovable and everyone seems to like Dog best, especially Shriek! Because of his dysfunctional brain, Dog can really get Cat and himself into some bad scrapes such as landing in a pool prison because he insisted on a "cannonball dive", screaming "Cannonball! cannonball cannonball!!!!", while Cat protested and pleaded saying "No no! No Dog! It's against the rules!" Not paying attention to Cat's warning they always end up with some severe consequences faced with Rancid Rabbit. Like Cat, Dog adores his brother and looks up to him with the most innocent eyes thinking Cat can do absolutely no wrong.

    CatDog are so different from one another, but as you can see Cat and Dog are needed to form an excellent classic comedy team duo that has been making us all laugh since teams like Laurel and Hardy and Abbot and Costello.

    CatDog's Mom- voiced by Jane Krakowski

    This kind female blue colored "big foot" looking creature, raised CatDog as little babies, along with her husband. The mom seems to have more Dog-like qualities, especially when we hear her say "hi ho diggety.

    CatDog's Dad- voiced by Billy Bob Thorton

    The dad is a little green frog with a huge nose, strong enough to perch baby CatDog on, and rock to sleep. The little green dad, seems to have some of Cat's attitude, and doesn't seem to care for "mushyness". He says "Oh for the love of chub", just like Cat.

    **CatDog's parents though not blood related took care of them, raised them, loved them, and made them what CatDog is today. Just as all loving parents do.**

    now onto:


  • Winslow Oddfellow- Carlos Alazraqui(famous for Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life)

    Winslow resides in CatDog's house in the hole in the wall. He's a mouse but acts more like a "rat", though for some reason he believes he's not a mouse or a rat. *chuckle* Winslow's accent is Brooklyn-ease and a classic mafia gangster sound. The kind that were always saying "Eh Bawss what's shayken?" With this fact, his part fit very well in the episode "Just Say CatDog Sent Ya..". Winslow is always full of wisecracks about anything and everything concerning CatDog. He's very sneaky and underhanded with them, especially with Cat. Cat and Winslow do NOT get along much at all, because he's always getting Cat in trouble with Dog or other characters. Dog always greets him with a big smile and hello, while Winslow plots his next attack on Cat. There are times though when the results of his schemes end up hurting Dog as well. All in all, in the history of CatDog Winslow has proven to be not such a bad guy, deep down he has a very big heart and loves CatDog. He acts out against them, because he is jeolous of how close Cat and Dog are, so in the back of the rat's head he's feeling left out and lonely. This is proven with his unforgettable quote in "Monster Truck Folly"; "My sarcasm is a mask for my pain."

  • Rancid Rabbit- voice- Billy West (famous for Stimpy on Ren and Stimpy)

    Rancid Rabbit represents all the stereotypical authority figure careers that abuses his power to the fullest degree. His voice is sort of nasal and rough. He's had job titles like police officer, life guard AND prison guard in the same episode-"Escape From the Deep End", boss of various businesses, principal, president, mayor, Egyptian Pharaoh, doctor, TV host, contest judge, store and Taco Depot manager, etc. Rancid Rabbit is the nightmare authority figure. He can be downright frightening to CatDog sometimes with his loud voice and demanding, bossy self. When he was Taco Depot's manager in "All You Can Eat" he was bound and determined not to let CatDog in the the door. Rancid takes advantage of CatDog as much as he can by deceiving them into buying his products, and pushing them to do his bidding in a job. He does whatever it takes to take thier money, get them to lick cereal boxes faster, use them to sell his products, etc...

  • TheGreaser's Gang- Cliff, Shriek, and Lube

    Their Motto: "No cats! No 2 headed freaks! Dogs only!" They're a typical gang that acts no different than school playground bullies, picking on anyone either weaker or different than them. They pick on CatDog (mostly Cat), and thier only reason: "CatDog's a FREAK!" Thier usual nickname for them is "Catbutt" because Dog has Cat for a butt. Dog sometimes get's along with them because he's a canine too. They initiated him in the gang in the episode "Full Moon Fever", after he had proven his worth as a "Real" dog. That's the greasers in a nutshell. They are tough, loyal to the pack, and PROUD to be Dogs.

  • Cliffard Maurice Feltbottom- voice- Tom Kenny (same as Dog)

    Cliff is the leader of the Greasers. He wears a black leather jacket with a picture of a dead cat on it. He's a bulldog, similiar to "Spike" from classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes. Cliff is very short tempered and talks similiar to Winslow with a Brooklyn/Italian type accent. But Cliff is not as shrewd or smart as Winslow. All of the Greasers are very ignorant and unaware of their actions. Cliff got a taste of his own medicine when Eddie was accidently glued to his jacket, which turned them into "SquirrelDog". Once this happened Shriek and Lube kicked him out of the Greasers because now HE was a "2 headed freak". Cliff learned the pain of being an outcast and what CatDog goes through. Later he then went back to his ignorant ways and became a Greaser again, once he was free of Eddie. Later on as the episodes grew we discovered softer sides of Cliff such as his love for ballet and cashmiere.

    Cliff's Dad- Tom Kenny

    He used to be the gym teacher at the high school and now his son Cliff has the position. Both Cliff's parents showed up for Parents Day in the movie.

    Biff- voice Tom Kenny

    Cliff's nephew is very similiar to Cliff, he's tough and loves to pick on those he feels are "losers".

  • Shriek Dubois- voice- Maria Bamford (look for her hilarious stand up on Comedy Central)

    Shriek is the feminine touch to the Greasers. She's a little frilly curly haired poodle spitfire. She is a lot like Carla on Cheers. She has a cute high pitched squeaky voice with a slight raspiness to it. Though she's as tough and loyal as the other 2, she's very emotional romantically and has a secret crush on Dog. It became obvious inside the cloud of Greaser's pounding CatDog, that Shriek will not hit Dog, she'll only hit Cat. This was proven in "Shriek Loves Dog". Her nose says it all! If you look closely you'll notice that her nose is shaped like a heart. Shriek came from a rich family. Her last name is Dubois. She didn't like the posh life, so she left home and became a Greaser.

    Mr. and Mrs. Dubois- Mom- Maria Bamford, Dad- Billy West

    Squeak- voiced by Maria Bamford

    Made one appearance in "Back to School." This is Shriek's feisty little niece. She's a part of the in crowd in school and sits where "cool kids only" sit during lunch.

  • Lube- voice- Carlos Alazraqui (same as Winslow)

    Lube is a hound dog, and the slowest and sweetest one of the group. He'll forget what he's saying and slur his speech. He reminds me of "Brain" from Hanna Barbera's "Top Cat" cartoon, because of his voice and the blank looks on his face. He's the most loyal of the 3 Greasers. One time he was even loyal to Cat for pulling a tick off his foot. He's was so loyal, that the Greasers had to hatch a plot to get him back in the gang in "All You Need is Lube." A thought on why Lube can't talk very well, he speaks perfect Spanish. So maybe he has trouble understanding English a little. Hmmm could that mean that perhaps Lube isn't stupid at all? Hmm if everyone speaked Spanish maybe he would understand and say very eloquent things. Like Lube's parents he has lots of musical talent and can sing very beautifully like he did in "A Very CatDog Christmas".

    Pussycat Catfield(Lube's mom) voice- Jane Krakowski

    A country singing cat from Yokelburg, that mysteriously resembles Cat a little. Both Pussycat, and HoundDog fooled CatDog from a distance, they thought they were thier natural parents. When it turns out Lube is thier son. WOW! A cat for a Greasers mom? What is Cliff and Shriek thinking?

    HoundDog McDog(Lube's dad)- voice Billy Bob Thorton

    PussyCat's mate, a Dog and Lube's daddy. He semi looks a little Doggish too. Also a country singer like his lady.

    Ellie Mae Sue- voiced by- Maria Bamford

    Daughter of HoundDog and PussyCat. Lubes long lost sister. She seemed quite a looker until she pushed her hair aside and revealed a gigantic (Lube-like nose). This little red haired girl almost snatched Cat up as a hubby until, Cat said he wasn't going to marry any dog. This started the whole cats vs dogs feud all over again.

    Bartholomew- voice- Carlos Alazraqui

    Lube's nephew, only made an appearance in Back to School. Apparently, Bartholomew is a total brain! **Lube has quite a family.**

  • Eddie The Pulverizer- voice- Dwight Shultz

    The Greaser wannnabe with little red pieces of paper taped to the side of his head to look like red sideburns in hopes to be more like Cliff. Eddie, is a highly energetic squirrel He is always bruised up from getting punched, and from being used as a birdy in badminton, or a football. He idolizes The Greasers to the fullest extent! He wants to be a Greaser extremely bad, but sadly lacks their number one requirement, being a dog. Eddie at least once got to replace Shriek, or Lube once and got to be very close to Cliff another time. During "Rinky Dinks" he got the joy of playing on Greaser's hockey team. In episodes like "New Cat in Town", and "Geekers", he wanted to get revenge for how badly the Greasers treat him at times. There's only so much a little scruffy squirrel can take.

    Other Characters

    Celebrities of Nearburg

    Randolph Grant- voice- Billy West

    Randolph is the trendy suave cat that has an accent like Cary Grant. He first appears in the episode "CatDog's End". He's in Rancid Rabbits Better Bottoms" for a brand new butt. Why? "Because it's crazy and wild and I love it!" he says. He'll try anything once, as long as it's terribly exciting and attention getting! Randolph appears to be like a celebrity in his lifestyle. In "All About Cat", Randolph was hosting the musical awards banquet. "In the Lady is a Shriek" Randolph is the proud owner of "Randolph's Charm School and House of Beauty", to help turn girls into beautiful women with poise and ettiquette. That's Randolph; a trend setting suave rich and famous cat.

    Tahlulah- voice Andrea Martin- All About Cat, Maria Bamford- You're Fired

    This is another girl Cat has a crush on. CatDog first met Tahlulah during the musical "Abe Lincoln Superstar". Since then she has become a major celebrity and good friend of Randolph's. Tahlulah is forever searching for her soul mate "that's as loyal as a dog and as clever as a cat, who will take her in his arms and say Baby You're the one!" This character has went through some changes from her first appearance on All About Cat to her second appearance in You're Fired. In "All About Cat" she first started with sinple cat hairdo showing her ears and very little makeup, with a small pink dress. In "You're Fired" she had a huge blonde hairdo pinned up, and bright pink lipstick and sunglasses with a gorgeous gown and fur fit for a star!
  • Mean Bob!- voice- Billy West

    Everyone shouts! "MEAN BOB MEAN BOB MUST HAVE MEAN BOB!!" The fictional super hero is Dog's ultimate hero! Watching Mean Bob movies, playing the video games and with the toys, has made Dog quite an expert on Mean Bob and how to do certain things like dodge meteors, fly and shoot at enemy ships, and battle "Salivians". Mean Bob has made appearances as an action figure, or actor, in The Collector, Spaced Out, Dog Show, the Golden Hydrant Game, and Saving Mean Bob game.

    CatDog's Friends and Aquaintences

  • Mr. Sunshine- voice- Billy West- (same as Rancid Rabbit)

    "Bueller....Bueller...Bueller...." Mr. Sunshine is the spitting cartoon image of Ben Stein, famous actor from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and the recent Comedy Central game show- Win Ben Stein's Money". He's got the same monotone voice that Ben Stein is well known for. Mr. Sunshine's personality is a juxtapostion of his name. He always seems sleepy and bored with life in general, not bright and cheery at all. The picture says it all, with his baggy droopy eyes, and frown.
  • update: There's been some debate on just what kind of creature he is, my first thought some type of monkey species. Then someone brought up the idea of a tree sloth. It finally came to me with his slow talking, and slow walking why not a turtle but one that's out of his shell? His face is sort of turtle shaped too. What do you think? This and many other CatDog topics are being brought up in my mailing list.

    Dunglap- voice- John Kassir

    Dunglap is CatDog's best friend. He works at the Taco Depot, and was recently promoted to manager in the "All You Can't Eat" episode. He just makes a few minor appearances here and there, he's a very calm and nice guy type character. He hangs around a lot with Mervis his friend.

    Mervis Pantry- voice- John Kassir

    Usually seen with Dunglap, they showed up together at CatDog's house for the party Cat was throwing in "Party Animal". Also another good friend of CatDog's. Mervis works as a paperboy in "Fistful of Mail". He is a box licker for Kavity Crunch Cereal factory along with Dunglap, and CatDog.

    The Ingrid Twins- voice- Laraine Newman

    One of Cat's love interest. Cat was writing to his Swedish pen pal Ingrid, but when he met her he found out she was not just one but two, twins! Or as Cat likes to call them a "double bodied oddity". Cat wants so bad to be thier boyfriend, but they are always looking for impressive men like rich and famous tv stars. They end up paying more attention to Dog. So far these two appeared in 3 episodes- Armed and Dangerous, Dead Weight, and Dog Ate It.

    Lola Caricola (Cherry Cola)- voice Nika Frost

    Those of us that have the "CatDog Trivia Book" were all wondering about the character named Lola. Lola is a brand new CatDog character that made her debut in "Sweet and Lola" and was also a part of Halloween special "CatDogula". Lola has a rich Spanish accent and she makes a living doing what she loves best: studying animals as a zoologist. Of course when she spotted CatDog, she definitly had to learn all she could about them. (Even if it meant revealing to the audience how CatDog goes to the bathroom.) Lola is a "yellow-bellied-whipperwill". Lola reminds me a lot of cartoon characters like Tweety Bird, and the female Tiny Toons Tweety bird version- Sweetie. This bird is simply: "unbelievable".