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 CatDog Fanatic Trivia Contest

I would like to thank those that stepped up to the challenge. Thank you Annette, White Tiger, Alixio, Janie, Dave, Phreke, Angela, Erin, and Scott, you guys all did great and I thank you very much for participating. Please come back and compete again for more contests in the near future if you haven't won any yet.

CONGRATULATIONS ANNETTE! YOU ARE THE CATDOG FANATIC CHAMPION! Annette whipped this quiz good getting a whopping 69 pts out of 70! That is astounding! I would also like to congratulate White Tiger as well for also proving herself a very worthy CatDog fanatic who was only one pt away from the lead. WT recieved 68 out of 70. So congratulations Annette AND White Tiger!

And now for something completly different.....the answers.....heh heh The Answers are in lime green.

Multiple Choice

1. What did Cat want for Christmas?
A. red sports car
B. a book "How to get the Kittens to Notice You"
C. a new butt
D. a shiny new scratching post

pointless reasons why and what not:"In A Very CatDog Christmas, he tried hinting around to Dog numerous times, and also asked santa flat out for a red sports car as well."

2. When CatDog was chasing Gopher all over town, what was Cliff making?
A. nothing Cliff wasn't in that episode
B. a castle made out of blocks
C. a card sculpture
D. Origami bull dogs

"Cliff was standing on a chair, trying carefully to build an extremely high castle or pyramid out of cards, that gets all knocked down by CatDog chasing the gopher underground. This was in Home is Where the Dirt is"

3. Which occupations has Mr. Sunshine had?
A. magician, garbage collector, nurse, farmer
B. waiter, meat truck driver, secretary, factory worker
C. magician, delivery worker, attorney, fireman
D. magician, attorney, garbage collector, waiter

"Geez louise, aren't these types of questions tricky? Mr Sun was a Magician in Party Animal, an attorney in Movin' On Up, garbage collector well most of the time, and a waiter in episodes like Armed and Dangerous."

4. What type of Dog does CatDog dress up as to enter a Dog Show contest?
A. afghan
B. poodle
C. golden retriever
D. German shepherd

"From the episode Dog Show."

5. What did Dan-Sam try to steal from CatDog?
A. tug of war trophy
B. CatDog's booty
C. Mervis shaped piggy bank

"Oh Kristen, you naughty girl you heheh. Yes Dan STAN, DID try and steal CatDog's tug of war trophy, now who in the world is Dan SAM? An on purpose typo that was. lol"

6. What color were the Geeker's  T-shirts?
A. black
B. blue and yellow
C. white
D. red

"The Geekers hats were black, scarfs were blue with yellow ducks on them that were made from CatDog's shower curtains, and red well I guess the Geekers revengeful feelings were a little red at the time. And the T's were most definatly white."

7. Who became Taco Depot's manager?
A. Rancid
B. Dog
C. Mervis
D. Dunglap

"In All You Can't Eat. Rancid was fired and Dunglap was appointed manager. Hi ho diggety Dunglap!"

8. What were the name of the enemy attackers in Mean Bob in Space part 12?
A. Lip-Smackers
B. Kitaneans
C. Evil-Erikeans
D. Salivians

"Spaced Out. "Don't worry Cat I speak Salivian.-Dog"

9. What is on CatDog's kitchen walls?
A. lavendar wallpaper of fish and bones
B. lavendar wallpaper of hydrants and mice
C. half of the walls are red, and the other half is blue
D. Green paw prints everywhere

10. What are on CatDog's shower curtains?
A. ducks
B. bones
C. mice and hydrants
D. they don't have any shower curtains

"Another sort of tricky one. Yes I know sometimes CatDog doesn't have shower curtains but sometimes they do like with the Geekers episodes, thier ducky scarves were made out of them."

11. Of the following which is NOT on the fish side of the house?
A. TV Antenna
B. Fire Hydrant
C. Strings of a dead mouse and bird
D. a deck

"Wasn't too hard, just had to look at a picture of the house closely."

12. When Winslow fell in love with Sadie what did she give him?
A. a sock in the mouth
B. a pocket watch she stole
C. a cookie
D. blueberry pie for her little blue boy

"At least she gave you a cookie."-Dog "What would I want with a coooookieee (starts sobbing) SADIE COME BACK I LOOOOVE YOUU!- Winslow, from a very teary ep Winslow Falls in Love."

13. Who died and left Lake Wannamaka to CatDog?
A. Taco Depot Manager
B. Great Grandpa Ignatius
C. Aunt DragonFly
D. Uncle HorseDuck

"From Movin' On Up, some mysterious possible relative on CatDog, wonder if we will ever hear anything more about him..."

14. Who voices CatDog's and Lube's dad in the movie?
A. Billy Bob Thorton
B. Drew Carey
C. Jim Cummings
D. Robert Paulsen

"The very talented Mr. Thorton, did a nice job as CatDog's dad, as well as Lube's daddy too."

15. Which CatDog toy won an award from "Child's Magazine" according to eToys in 1999?
A. CatDog and Winslow Toon Team
B. Stretchy CatDog
C. Burger King's CatDog Waker Upper 
D. Pull and Pose

"Kind of an interesting tidbit there. The Pull and Pose is a very ingenius toy for CatDog lovers of all ages."

16. On the CatDog Wrap Party Invitation which episode title image is feature on the front?
A. Party Animal
B. Brother's Day
C. Doo Wop Diggety
D. Cat Diggety Dog

"Thanks to finding April Winchell on ebay selling her wrap party invitation, we got a chance to see what the invitation looks like which can be found on my old site CatDog Closet in the facts and fun section."

17. Which book makes a Titanic reference?
A. Romancing the Shriek
B. CatDog Vacation
C. CatDog's Big Idea
D. Way off Broadway

"This was fun, two aspiring actors showed up to try out for Cat's play "Hamlet of the TITANIC". Leonardo and Kate, wanted to try out for the leads. lol"

18. The following set of episodes has a game based off of them. Which one mentioned here DOESN'T? 
Workforce, New Neighbors, All You Can't Eat, CatDog's End, Fishing for Trouble, Diamond Fever, or Fistful of Mail

"On there are a lot of CatDog games based off of all these episodes EXCEPT CatDog's End."

19. In "Quest for the Golden Hydrant what was Eddie doing in the first game?
A. throwing garbage at CatDog
B. shredding up a coupon
C. helping the Greasers beat up CatDog
D. none of the above

"It's so cute. Eddie is up on the clothsline shredding up the coupon that CatDog need for thier quest, and CatDog as well as the players job is to run and catch all the pieces of the coupon, trying to avoid all three Greasers as much as can."

20. How many CatDog Burger King toys are there?
A. 6
B. 4
C. 5
D. 3

"Too bad there wasn't more than 5. I would have settled for lots more! ;-)"

21. Which month did BK release thier CatDog toys?
A. January 1999
B. Febuary 1999
C. March 2000
D. May 1999
BONUS: 2 pts extra can you name the EXACT release date?
The exact release date that the BK CatDog toys were supposed to arrive at BK for sale was Febuary 22, 1999. ------------------------------------------------------

Name the episode in which the following events happened (if you can't name the title, and just want to explain what happened in the episode to prove you know, that's ok, but it's only partial credit without the title.):

1. CatDog shaped apple core- Silence Please
2. toothpick statue of liberty- Sneezie Dog
3. Rancid dresses up like a dog- Seeing Eye CatDog(This was a tricky one, Rancid is seen being thrown out of the mansion dressed up like a dalmation trying to be seeing eye dog of the very wealthy Mr. Wolfington.

4. a baby named Abey- All About Cat(from Abe Lincoln SUPERSTAR
5. Joey, Hope, Hester, Shemp- Diamond Fever(Dog named his diamonds err rock candy pieces. lol)
6. lifetime supply of tennis balls- Fetch(Cat's grand prize, turned out to be his worst nightmare and Dog's dream.)
7. Veniceburg, Aspenburg, Baden-badenburg- Rich Shriek, Poor Shriek(the many towns where Nearburgian rich folk go)
8. Dog farts on an octopus- CatDog Booty
9. pin the tail on the donkey- Party Animal(musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey are Cat's idea of party fun)
10. exterminate and destroy....-The Pet
11. millions and billions of eyes watching- Dead Weight(When Dog gets nervous the night before big TV debut.)
12. slowpoke slowpoke nah nah slowpoke- Fistful of Mail(the paper boy called Dog this, when he was just a pup.)
13. Sony and Cher- Battle of the Bandsone of CatDog's many tries for a rock costume)
14. I will obey the rules..I will obey the rules...-Escape from the Deep End
15. senior citizen CatDog and Greasers- Shriek on Ice(Shriek forsees thier future, with unfullfilled dreams
16. a "Stunt" to kiss Tahlulah- Stunt CatDog
17. Sgt. Silly Bells- Send in the CatDog
18. CatDog, and many of the characters get conked in the head with bowling balls- No Thanks for the Memories
19. Lube rides on top of CatDog- Lube in Love(CatDog pretended to be Lube's polo horse)
20. Citizen Cane slight parody-It's a Wonderful Half Life(tricky, but if familiar with the classic movie you will recall when Cane mutters rosebud and the snowglobe falls to the floor. It was parodied in Cat's dream when he dropped his big yarn ball and muttered Winslow.)

21. Cliff finds his teddy bear- SquirrelDog(Ok I was looking for the FIRST time Cliff ever found his lucky teddy bear. However I decided to also accept Remain Seated because Cliff found his teddy bear in his coat. MMM kinda a stretch but I decided to accept both answers for that. Your welcome WT.)

22. "Big Cat"- New Cat in Town(CatDog nicknamed Eddie's big cat costume BIG CAT cause he's very husky. heh heh)
23. who's there? ....ORANGE- Dummy Dummy(Cat's silly knock knock joke oh man that scene is classic!)
24.  has an episode and CatDog book of the exact same name- CatDog Catcher 

True or False
1. During the mud wrestling Winslow announced Cat as El Gato Muerto from Cucaracha Mexico.
TRUE! from Brother's Day episode.
2. Rancid Rabbit wears glasses. TRUE! Alright, alright settle down people(in Rancid voice)lol, Rancid may not always wear glasses but he wears them sometimes to read his speeches as shown in Dog the Mighty, briefly for one example. Also in a later episode Cone Dog as you will see here, in this pic, he also looks smashing in his big black specs. giggle Don't feel bad you guys, this is the question that noone got right. The true stumper of this quiz. Brief logic lesson for true and falseness- If a statement is true SOMETIMES then it is True. If I would have wrote Rancid ALWAYS wears glasses THEN that would be false.

3. Dog never eats Cat food, and Cat never enjoys water.FALSE Dog eats Cat food when he's down in Fistful of Mail, and Cat becomes one with the water in Surfin' CatDog.
4. Cat tries to figure out what Dog is allergic to, by holding up several items to his nose. Some of the items are: bowling ball, sheep, car engine, and a dusty book.- FALSE- Cat holds all those objects up but a book, it's actually dust from a dust pan. tricky.
5. CatDog never find the authentic Golden Hydrant.FALSE!- They find it in the alligator that swallowed them in episode The Golden Hydrant.
6. Cat had a dream about marrying Shriek.- FALSE!- Cat dreams that Dog maries Shriek.
7. Dog called Rancid "One-head".- TRUE!- in House of CatDog- hippy 60's Dog called him that.

BONUS 2 pts each (fill ins)

1. Before Sweet and Lola aired where was Lola mentioned as being best friends with CatDog? (hint: Lube also had a few surprising tidbits mentioned)
CatDog Trivia Book(Man I'll never forget how exciting that time was when we all wondered who the heck Lola was and why Lube could sing and speak Spanish.)

2. What show did CatDog see at the amusement park?

Water's of the World(from Remain Seated)

3. What is the original or alternate title to "All You Need is Lube"?
The Bodyguard

4. What is Mervis's last name?

5. In Quest for the Golden Hydrant, what is the title of the Mean Bob adventure? (also a title of an Ren and Stimpy episode)

6. To describe CatDog's origin of how and why they were connected, which character at one time said they were fastened by paper clips?
Eddie the Squirrel(this was found in a short CatDog 2 page comic strip in Nickelodeon Magazine. The very first catdog comic out of 3.

7. Which CatDog book mentions a 2 headed female character that CatDog find attractive and vice versa? 
extra 2 points do you remember their names? *giggle no it's not DoggyCatty* ;-)
Space Oddity by Steven Banks-

  • And the names of the 2 headed alien lovely's- Zaneeta and Ulaylee