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Hi ho diggety! You found another egg! How do you do it? as Cat would say: "gasp it's MAGIC! :-)

An interesting egg this be. Thanks to ebay, a year ago or so I landed a very rare collection of the CatDog Wrap party highlights, so you guessed it I have all this crazy footage of Peter dancing on a table and Steven Banks jumping out of a CatDog shaped cake!
hahahahahaha just kiddn youse guys! Anyways here's really what I have for ya. A tiny little rewrite of the theme song was sung by Peter at the end the footage. Kind of a little sad, but still cute nevertheless. Here are the lyrics:

One fine day with a howl and a scream,
  • some crazy ass nuts assembled a team.

    Scratchin' and bitin'

  • and a whole lotta fun,
  • they made a lot of shows
  • and now thier done!

    CatDog, CatDog, so long farewell adios CATDOG!

  • Yes I know, kind of sad isn't it? Well that's what the petition is for, to convince Nick to take them back. So keep signin', and keep looking for more eggs!